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Objection to use of loudspeaker

Rampur: This year people of the other community have objected to Taravih Namaaz at many places and also to the use of loud speakers (in mosques etc) with the result that they got the Taravih Namaaz stopped and got the loud speaker removed from Jama Masjid. In Bilaspur town’s Mohalla Kaisthan, Jama Masjid and Madhi ka Mandir are situated face to face and both places of worship have entered into an agreement that they will not use loud spekers. Loud speakers were installed in the Jama Masjid for Al Wida Friday Namaaz which continued blaring till late at night. People of the other community objected to it and started assembling at one place which created fear and tension in the locality which has a mixed population of Hindu and Muslim communities. The cause of tension and fear was reported to police after which the Incharge of Bilaspur Thana, B. D. Joshi reached the spot along with police. This made the people of one community angry. Hence, a peace agreement was reached under which people of both communities agreed not to use loud speakers. In another village Echura, in a marriage hall Muslims were listening to recitation of the Qur’an in Taravih Namaaz to which people of the other community objected. SDM Pabhu Dayal reached the marriage Hall or Barat Ghar, imposed restriction on Taravih Namaaz and posted police which created tension in the village. Police sent a report against 40 Muslims and 36 Hindus fearing breach of peace to SDM who issued summons to all these 76 persons.


This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 August 2016 on page no. 14

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