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Plan to merge Hindi medium schools into Urdu medium schools

New Delhi: Delhi government’s Directorate of Education, following in the footsteps of Delhi Municipal Corporation now plans, according to available sources, to merge Hindi medium schools with Urdu medium schools and has started taking steps in this respect. Among the schools which are proposed to be merged are in Jama Masjid, Lal Kuan, KalaN Mahal, Bulbuli Khana etc areas in which Urdu medium and Hindi medium schools are functioning separately. With the merger of Hindi medium schools into Urdu medium schools, the posts of one Principal and one Vice Principal will be reduced in each school and with this decision, if implemented, Urdu teachers appointed by Delhi Urdu Academy will be removed. No reasons for this step have been given by the Directorate of Education but supposing that if this decision has been taken because of the falling number of students, the Directorate should know that as compared to the last few years, more and more students are now seeking admissions in government schools. With this decision of the Directorate of Education, concern is being expressed in Urdu knowing circles, fearing that by merging Hindi medium schools into Urdu medium schools, government wants to eliminate the culture of Urdu medium schools. A meeting of SMC members of Jama Masjid No. 1 Urdu Medium School in this connection was held in which SMC members strongly criticised this decision and decided that if this decision is implemented or not withdrawn, a movement against this will be started. SMC member Farid Qureshi described it as Delhi government’s conspiracy to close down Urdu medium schools. He said that in Jama Masjid Urdu medium school posts of TGT, PGT Urdu teachers are lying vacant. In previous years Commerce and Science stream courses were abolished and now their plan is to gradually close down Urdu medium schools but, we will not allow these schools to be merged on the Corporation’s pattern and if need arises, “we shall strongly protest against both the Delhi government as well as the Directorate (of Education) and will take to the streets.”  However, the representative of local MLA, Alka Lamba, Zahid Sheikh came in this meeting and asked the members not to take any step in haste. He assured the members that the proposal is not finalised but is under consideration only. He noted down the complaints and grievances of members and assured that this matter would be discussed with the MLA (Alka Lamba). Matia Mahal’s MLA, Asim Ahmad Khan said that no such decision will be allowed to be implemented without the permission of local MLA and that instead of opening a school in Matia Mahal, merging these areas schools will certainly not be tolerated and allowed. He said that soon letters about this will be sent to chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and deputy cm Manish Sisodia. He said that all possible steps will be taken to get such a decision withdrawn if at all it is taken and implemented.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 August 2016 on page no. 14

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