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Muslims behind others in going for second marriage

New Delhi: Lok Janshakti Party (LJP)’s Secreatary General Incharge, Abdul Khaliq has made many startling tweets one after the other. In one of his tweets he has posted the photo of a poor and helpless child, the caption of which is ‘jinhain Hind per naaz hai who kahaN hain’. After this, its caption is ‘Hum tere liye kuchh naheen kar saktay ai dost / hamain abhi aur mandir aur masjid banaanay hain. In other tweet after this, he has raised questions on the propaganda against Muslims in matters of marrying more than once or polygamy. In his tweet he has stated that propaganda against Muslims is being spread that they marry more than once. Immediately after this he has stated that more than Muslims, Hindu enter into a second marriage. He writes in his tweet that last survey about this was conducted in 1974, in which it was found that 5.8% Hindus have second marriages whereas the ratio of Muslims vis-à-vis second marriage is 5.6% which is fairly less than our Hindu brethren. In his tweet he has also written that in matters of second marriage (or more than one marriage) people belonging to ST (scheduled tribes) the figures are 15%, Jains 6.7%, Buddhists 7.9%.

In his next tweet referring to R. Thapar, Abdul Khaliq has written that in national interst, it should be ensured that each and every citizen may be able to live honourably and that every citizen should enjoy worthwhile economic progress so that social justice could be made possible.

It may be stated that Abdul Khaliq is the Secretary General-in-charge of Lok Janshakti Party which is a partner in the NDA government at the centre. In this capacity his (Khaliq’s) tweets raise many questions. He is a regular contributor to the English daily Indian Express as well as many Urdu and Hindi newapapers on social, political and other fundamental issues. In connection with AMU also be has depicted his sensitivity but made appeals to Muslims not to take to the streets in which he has achieved considerable success. In the Indian Express he has posted P. S. Sawant’s article ‘Why Common Personal Law?’ It may be stated in this connection that only recently Modi government has directed the Law Commission to prepare a report on common Personal Law or uniform civil code, which has again raised many controversies.    

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 August 2016 on page no. 15

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