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Minority status will soon be restored to Al Amin Girls College

Kolkata: Former Union minister and presently Lok Sabha MP from Bengal, Sultan Ahmad of TNC said here on 14 July that chief minister Mamta Bennerji has promised to restore the minority character of Milli Al Amin Girls College. He said while speaking to media persons that all disputes and differences of this college have been settled and in the case filed by three (lady) teachers, agreement and understanding has been achieved. It may be stated in this connection that Milli Al Amin Girls College is an educational institution of Kolkata which was set up from contribution by Muslims. In 2009 this institution was given minority status by Minorities Education Commission (NCMEI) which was accepted by the state government but because of serious differences between the teachers and college management the state’s education ministry had refused to accept its minority character. Three (lady) teachers who were dismissed by the management committee had challenged the management committee’s decision in Kolkata High Court. A single judge bench of this High Court had rejected their dismissal, restored their appointment and also had abolished the minority character of this college which had created great concern among Muslims. Sultan Ahmad said that because of disputes and differences between the three (lady) permanent teachers and management committee and pendency of the case in Court, educational activities of this college were greatly affected but both parties in this court case have came to an understanding and the dismissal of these three teachers has been withdrawn. Kolkata High court’s Division Bench has stayed the decision of abolishing the minority character but the new government after the recent Bengal assembly elections (held in May 2016) has shown interest in this and chief minister Mamta Bannerji has taken personal interest in this, all problems of this college will be solved. He said that about a week ago we have applied to the education ministry for restoration of its minority character to which it has given the green signal and we hope that minority character of this college will be restored within 3 months.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 August 2016 on page no. 14

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