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“Ram Janmabhoomi belongs to Budddhists, not to Hindus”

Aligarh: Former Member of Parliament and hero of All India Bhikshoo Sangh, Dr. Dham Viryu who arrived in Aligarh on 23 July with Dham Chetna Yatra claimed that the disputed place in Ayodhya is not Ram Janmabhoomi but it was Buddh Vihar. He said that if the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) excavates this place, ‘milk and water will be separated’. Speaking at a press conference at Tarun Valley he said that if excavations are made at this place in Ayodhya, Buddh Vihar will be found and hence the claims of Hindus and Muslims for the disputed place are wrong. In reply to a question that in the legal fight for the disputed place, only Hindus and Muslims are parties and why not the followers of Buddh faith?, he said that monks of Japanese Buddh faith are fighting the case in the Supreme Court. He said that truly speaking, the problem of Ayodhya is not being solved because of politicians. In reply to another question as to who are the politicians and which party, without giving a clear reply he said that they or it may be any one. Clarifying the objective of Dham Chetna Yatra he said that this journey has been started to create Dham consciousness and to protect the country and there is no politics in this. He further said that BJP is with me and now Congress, BSP and other parties also will come because votes are ‘in my favour’. The former MP said that because of good monks of Buddh faith not being here, there has been no preaching or propagation of this religion.

Note: Probably he might have forgotten or might not be aware that on High Court’s order a few years ago, excavations at the disputed place in Ayodhya were made for several days but no traces of Buddh Vihar were found.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 August 2016 on page no. 14

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