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Film depicting the life of women in Muslim society under preparation

New Delhi: Divorce to women, particularly in one sitting in Muslim society is a big and important problem about which many arguments and discussions of different kinds have taken place and are still going on. Divorce of Shah Bano is even now a topic of discussion among intellectuals as well as ordinary people without any final and satisfactory solution. The question in this connection arises: Are we giving all those rights and privileges to our daughters and women which are permitted and ordained by Islam? With these ideas and problems in mind and to take the fight for women’s rights to each house, a film is being made by Shoaib Husain Chaudhary, film director. Shoaib Chaudhary who has made many films and TV serials during the past 17 years, one of whose serials titled ‘Zindagi ek Bhanwar’ (Life a whirlpool) which probably ran for the longest period and whose approximately 350 episodes were shown on DD, said in Dehli that his forthcoming film ‘Hamari Bannu’ like Shah Bano is the story of a girl whose rights are denied from her or father’s house to father-in-law’s house, from parents to her husband, so much so that even after courts verdicts in favour of her rights, governemnts also deny her rights to her. The problem of such girls, whose rights are denied by their parents and also by their husbands is what to do and where to go? He says that this film is being prepared to create awakening among those girls who themselves are unaware whose rights are denied by their parents, husbands, governments and society but whose parents, in order to promote their false prestige spend lakhs of rupees in marrying them off, wrongly thinking that they have given her / their rights to her/them.  

He said that this film sheds light on the true position of girls / women in Muslim society and revolves to a considerable extent around the life of Shah Bano. He said that he plans to finalise his film by October, most of whose work is almost completed. He further said that he plans to start making this film from a village in Meeruth, the place to which Shah Bano belonged and hopes that this film will be very popular among women. He said that for making this film he has read many books on Islam and after carrying out much researches he has prepared this film.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 August 2016 on page no. 14

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