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Muslim prisoners in Jodhpur Jail

New Delhi: Ammar Yasir, a former B. Tech student at Jodhpur was picked up by Delhi’s Special Cell from Delhi’s Abul Fazal locality in 2014 on the charge of being a member of Indian Mujahideen but within 24 hours he was given a clean chit and released because nothing objectionable was found against him. Thereafter he went to Saudi Arabic for Umrah and on his return to Jharkhand, Rajasthan ATS arrested him in Sher Ghati and took him to Rajasthan and imprisoned him. There were 5 or 6 of his other colleagues in jail. According to Ameeq Jamayee, a member of PCPT (People’s Campaign against the Politics of Terror) Ammar Yasir and his other friends had held a meeting in Mandore near Jodhpur where they had discussed and spoken about Islam, Tabligh and other relevant topics but Rajasthan ATS in its code words described this meeting and topics discussed as talks on bombs, ammunitions, detonators etc. Ammar’s father is a retired railway employee and after his retirement Ammar is the sole bread earner but he was jailed by Rajasthan’s ATS. Ameeq Jamayee met Ammar Yasir and his other colleagues Saqib, Aadil, Barkat, Junaid, Zaheer, Iqbal, Waqar and Ma’roof in jail, with permission of jail authorities, of course and heard in brief their stories and grievances in jail. Their family members also met him (Ameeq) for hours after his meeting them in jail and narrated their grievances, all of whom are leading a difficult life in the absence of their loved ones who are in jail for fictitious ‘crimes’. Many of them are leading a life of ‘boycott’ and outcastes by their neighbours, without getting any help from them. Life of the arrested people, needless to say, is miserable in jail where as their family members are suffering and feeling the pangs of poverty, separation of their loved ones and bread winners. Ameeq Jamayee said that these people have been in jail for about two years but so far no charges have been framed against them by the ATS / police though, as per the provisions of UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act) chargesheet must be filed within six months (180 days), failing which the FIR (which was filed against them in 2014) should automatically lapse. All of them are poor people and not in a position to hire lawyers to fight their cases in court. Ameeq Jamayee said that he and his organisation (PCPT) will put pressure on political parties to take up their cases within and outside Parliament. He said that PCPT will itself take up their cases and hire lawyers on their behalf, adding that a big conference in this connection will be held in August. He plainly said that after ‘Dalit Mukt Bharat’, central government wants, as some of its ministers openly said, to work for ‘Muslim Mukt Bharat’ (Muslim free Bharat or Bharat without Muslims) but this dream of theirs will never be allowed to be fulfilled.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 August 2016 on page no. 15

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