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Guj riots: HC overrules lower court’s verdict, gives life to 11

Ahmedabad: In yet another case concerning Gujrat riots of 2002 after Gujarat High Court had overruled lower court’s verdict in case of murder of 3 Muslim at a railway crossing in Veerangam town and sentenced 7 out of the remaining 8 to life imprisonment in its verdict on 25 July, the same High Court overruled lowr court’s yet another verdict. According to news reports, a mob of about 200 persons had surrounded Kalu Miyan Saiyed and his daughter Hasina Bibi in the compound of one Joitaram Prajapati in Mada Adraj village in Mehsana district of Gujarat on 3 March 2002, a few days after the Godhra train burning incident. A lower court in Mehsana had acquitted the 27 accused persons in this case on 14 June 2005. Gujrat government as well as the relatives of the deceased (Kalu Miyan Saiyed and Hasina Bibi) had filed an appeal against lower court’s verdict in the High Court (there were 6 eye witnesses in this case). The HC Bench of Justices Anant Dave and B. N. Karia in their verdict on 21 July 2016 by reversing lower court’s verdict of 14 June 2005, had held 11 of the 27 accused persons guilty of murder (burning them alive) but had reserved their sentences for a future date. As stated above, the lower court of Mehsana had acquitted all these 27 accused persons. Gujarat High Court’s same Bench of Justice Anant Dave and Justice B. N. Karia took up this case again on 4 August 2016 and sentenced 11 accused persons to ‘life imprisonment with remission’ for their complicity in the murder of father-daughter duo (Kalu Miyan and Hasina Bibi), allowing the state government to release them after serving 14 years sentence. The HC also imposed a fine of Rs. 10 thousand on each of them and granted them 10 weeks to surrender.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 September 2016 on page no. 14

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