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Muslims need top class schools more than colleges: AMU-VC

Aligarh: AMU’s Vice Chancellor Lt Gen (Retd.) Zamiruddin Shah (who has now become a haji), said while releasing, renowned scientist and former Director of National Botanical Research Institute, Muhammad Iqtedar Husain Farooqi’s book Qur’an Majeed mein Jaanwar (Animals in the Qur’an) in Ibn Sina Academy here on 25 July that University Act should be amended and by removing the ‘25 kilometres condition of the campus’ it should be allowed to open good and standard schools all over the country so that after receiving good and quality education Muslims could become good citizens of the country in the future. He said that Muslims should lay greater emphasis on setting up top class and standard schools rather than medical and engineering colleges. Speaking about some animals mentioned in this book with reference to the Qur’an he particularly spoke about dog, saying that (in the Qur’an) it has been described as ‘unholy’ because it contains rabies virus, though now because of anti-rabies injections, people have now been domesticating it.

Speaking about minority character of AMU, he said that this matter is now pending in the Supreme Court and lawyers are preparing their logical arguments with concrete proofs and Prof. Faizan Mustafa also is playing an important role in this. Regarding mischievous role of some people against AMU, he said that some elements are propagating baseless propaganda against this University which has nothing to do with truth and reality. He regretted that with the ugly and tragic incident of 23 April in this University (when a student was murdered in the University campus) his 4 years of hard and sincere work has received a serious setback and the University’s ranking is also affected yet he is trying his best to protect and maintain this Univeristy’s prestige and standing. He said that he is trying to get the University Act amended so that the condition or limit of 25 kms may be removed so that good and standard schools could be opened all over the country and Muslims may be able to receive quality education in these schools.

Dr. Farooqi said while speaking on this occasion that he has worked and conducted researches on the fauna and flora mentioned in the Qur’an and on the basis of his researches he said that like human beings birds and animals also have families and relationships and fearing God we should love and protect plant and animal life, adding that Prophet (pbuh) has forbidden making animals fight against animals (which some people indulge in as a sport).   

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 September 2016 on page no. 14

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