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AMP Starts a Scholarship Fund

Mumbai: Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP)’s Chairman Aamir Idrisi, while announcing its ‘IIT Scholarship Fund’ for giving scholarships or financial assistance to promising students for fulfilling their dreams of qualifying from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)’s prestigious examinations in a press conference at its office in Mumbai on 29 July said that IIT is such an Indian institution which promotes and develops educational and scientific faculties of highly intelligent students and in consequence, provides highly intelligent and capable persons to the world. He said that the common belief is that most of the products of IIT have made many new inventions and their works and contributions provide more and more avenues of employment including self-employment in the country. He further said that it is said that IIT is one of the best educational institutions of the world getting admission in which is extremely difficult. Collectively, higher educational institutions of western countries like Harward, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Princeton cannot stand against the lone IIT. Replying to questions of correspondents Idrisi further  said that we cannot deny that today there is no dearth of intelligent and hard working students in our community but probably in the absence of proper guidance and timely financial assistance we lose our valuable assets or cannot derive satisfactory advantages from these students. In certain cases our students become eligible for admission in IIT but probably because of financial constraints they leave their dreams unfulfilled and this, in fact, is a great loss. In order to minimise this loss, and also for the achievement of our long term objectives AMP has decided that from this year onwards students who are eligible for, or capable of, taking admission in IIT will not, because of financial constraints, have to leave their dreams unfulfilled; for the fulfilment of their dreams AMP will, as far as possible, provide financial assistance to them from its ‘IIT Scholarhisp Fund’, which they deserve because the very objective of this Fund is to provide financial assistance to those intelligent and needy students who, though have taken admission in IIT but because of their financial difficulties are unable to pay the fees.

Amir Idrisi further said that AMP had started Zakat Fund in 2013 for helping students/people desirous of acquiring higher education, thereby removing the economic backwardness of the community and to provide financial assistance to our students for the acquisition of higher education and for their economic stability through self employment. He said that under this Zakat Fund, AMP helped about 157 students to pursue higher education during the past three years and provided opportunities of self-employment to 69 people / students. These scholarships were given to very intelligent and deserving applicants from all parts of the country. This year, in view of the important need of the times, we have included two more and important objectives among our priorities, first being the support and maintenance of orphan children and the second being providing financial assistance to those very poor and needy students who, because of their very hard work have got admission in India’s prestigious institution, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Abdur Razzaq Sheikh, an important member of AMP said that this is a very wise and farsighted step of this organisation (AMP) which will be helpful for needy and capable students and at the same time, under milli sense of honour will open new avenues of educational progress for the community and nation and will also be helpful in inducing and motivating other social organisations to take similar steps for empowering the community.

Organising secretary of AMP Suhaib Silia said that his organisation firmly believes that it is only education which can help in extricating us from the darkness of ignorance and taking us to new avenues of success and progress. Hence AMP is in search of these intelligent and ambitious youth who, in the true sense could prove to be capable and valuable assets for the nation.  

It may be stated about the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) that it is a national voluntary organisation of highly educated and intellectual people (including youngmen) who are well wishers of the community whose activities are spread over more than sixty cities of 18 states of the country and with the passage of time its influence is increasing among the educated and professional people in other parts of the country. 

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 September 2016 on page no. 14

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