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Arrest of AAP-MLAs wrong and immoral

New Delhi: Chief editor of the English daily The Tribune, Dr. Harish Khare while raising his voice against the bias and excesses being meted out to AAP MLAs by Delhi police has written that whatever is happening against AAP MLAs is very wrong and immoral and all supporters of democracy should raise their voice against this. At the same time he has made it very clear that he is neither a supporter of AAP nor ever supports Arvind Kejriwal’s politics of continuous opposition and war. He writes in his paper that Delhi police, which functions under the central government, is very active and over zealous in arresting AAP MLAs even on minor and petty grounds but has not arrested some BJP MPs against whom similar and even much more serious accusations have been made. He writes that he feels that something wrong is being done against this party (AAP) seeing that all other political parties like BJP, Akali dal and Congress are grouping together against Kejriwal and his party. Citing the case of Bhagwat Mann’s videography of Parliament which compromises with the security of Parliament but even then these parties are supporting him. He also writes that all these three parties are inimical to AAP because this party (AAP) is becoming very popular in rural Punjab and these parties are not in a position to stop AAP because it projects itself as anti-corruption and these parties have no way to oppose it. In his editorial Dr. Khare has raised the above questions which are in every body’s mind, but they are not raising these questions publicly like Dr. Khare.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 September 2016 on page no. 15

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