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Medical College in JMI a priority: VC

New Delhi: Vice Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia University; Prof. Talat Ahmad said here on 1 August after getting the illegal occupation of Jamia lands vacated that setting up a  medical college in Jamia, opening of new departments, extension and expansion of small departments and providing standard education are among his priorities. In reply to a question on the recent demolitions to get the illegal occupations vacated he said that the Supreme Court’s verdict on this land of Jamia was pronounced in 2006 but after our numerous requests to occupants to vacate these lands themselves voluntarily, they did not oblige, they were adamant and refused to vacate, we again got an order issued from Supreme Court and after pressurising the administration our land was got vacated which took 3 days. He said that for this we got police help and LG Najeeb Jung’s cooperation also. He said that still there are many lands of Jamia and we shall try to get these also vacated because Jamia is very much short of space because of which many new departments could not be started. He said that on the vacated lands near Batla House Bus stand new departments will be opened, small departments will be expanded which will be beneficial not only for the people living in an around Jamia Nagar but also for students of other parts of the country and if we succeed in getting other lands also vacated, NCC and NSS students can hold mock drills there and these lands can also used for opening new departments.

He also said while talking to UNI that new Departments of Sanskrit and Disaster Management have been opened and in addition to these, requests have been made to UGC and HRD ministry to give Jamia new departments and also to allow us to expand and extend small departments, adding that Jamia’s vision is to open a medical college in the coming years because a medical college is badly needed here and with this, a great short coming of Jamia will be addressed. He said that there are two big hospitals in this locality but the treatment in these, being very costly, people are facing great difficulties. With the opening of medical college, not only a great need of the people will be met but people will also have the facility of cheap treatment.

He further said that talks are going on between UP and Delhi governments about the hilly lands near Jamia Millia and both these governments have to jointly take a decision for giving this land. Jamia has got almost all the faculties except medical, though an effort in this direction has borne fruit and a dispensary has been opened in cooperation with Ayush ministry and along with this, a centre in the name of Hakim Ajmal Khan has been opened in which education in Unani tibb will be imparted. He also said that many students are desirous of getting education in Jamia but since it is not possible to give admission to all, Jamia has started distance education system and its centres are being opened in distant and far off areas so that students in those areas could appear for examinations there. 

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 September 2016 on page no. 15

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