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What I learned from Dr Sayeed


Ameen E Mudassar

Sunday, 21 August 2016 was a great day for me. I had the opportunity to spend over an hour with Dr Mohammed Rehan Sayeed, Chairman, Motherhood Group of Hospitals and one of India's top Cardiothorasic surgeons who has performed more than 6000 heart surgeries. He has many firsts to his achievements.

I came to know that his grand father (dada) was Late Justice Basheer Ahmed a luminary from Chennai. His father was an IITian from IIT Madras and worked with the state owned Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC).

His uncles were Gold Medalists. His mama was the Chief of Madras Medical College. As he grew up, he had so many role models and so much of inspiration. Their family meetings at functions and marriages were always focussed on asking which exams and which universities are the next target.

He also shared his passion for health care and education and how every year his Foundation brings up 10 families to be by themselves. He spends time mentoring the kids whom he supports for education and connects with the entire family to bring them up.

As I spent those 60 minutes with this great doctor to whom the Almighty has blessed with exceptional talent I found him firmly grounded and rooted to the basic values and a strong desire for making others life better.

My learning from the meeting: 1. Be humble.
2. Keep your kids motivated for bigger goals in life.
3. One big achiever in the family will impact generations.
4. One generation of achievement leaves a legacy of achievements
5. We must make every family have one icon who they look up to for motivation.
6. Mentoring is the key for grooming talent. You have to have mentors if you are to create talent that stands out.

7. It is the little effort of doing something extra and being focussed that makes a huge difference!

I wish him good luck for his future. May Allah bless him with more and more to serve the humanity! Aameen

Ameen E Mudassar is a seasoned Career Counsellor and does sessions all over India and also outside India. He can be reached at

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 September 2016 on page no. 22

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