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KASHMIRI LAL ZAKIR, noted prolific Urdu and subsequently Hindi writer also, poet. fiction writer, novelist who authored about hundred and thirty literary books died in Chandigarh on 31 August at the age of 97 years. Born in a Gujrat village (now in Pakistan) he was honoured with many awards by Haryana government (FAkhr-e Haryana), govt of India (Padma Shri) and many Urdu Academy awards. In addition to novels, fictions, poems he also added dramas, travelogues to Urdu literature. In the beginning he started writing in ‘Adabi Dunya’ Lahore, ‘Humayun’, Lahore, Bisween Sadi etc magazines. Among his more than hundred books, some are Aadhay ChaaNd ki Raat, Katha Damini ki, Jaati huee rut, Sindoor ki Rakh, Black Box etc. etc.
PAIGHAM AFAQI, Urdu novelist, fiction writer, poet, critic and former Police Commissioner died in a Delhi hospital on 20 August at the ae of 61 years. Paigham Afaqi was his pen name (nom de plume) otherwise his real name was Akhtar Ali Farooqi. Since his native place is Siwan (Bihar) his body was taken there for burial. Makan (house) and Palita are his two important novels, Mafia is a collection of his short stories and Darinda (beast) is the anthology of his poems. He was a literary critic also. For his literary services he was honoured by Delhi and UP Urdu Academies with their literary awards and Jamia Urdu (Aligarh) honoured him with its Millenium Award. He leaves behind his wife, one son and one daughter.
MUHAMMAD SHAFI’ QURESHI, former union minister, governor of W. Bengal, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh and also former Chairman of National Commisiosn on Minorities died in a Delhi hospital (Batra) on 28 August at the age of 86/87 years. He leaves behind his wife, two sons and three daughters. Though he was an important Congress leader from J&K it is a pity that no Congress leader or any one from the ruling government attended his last rites.
TAJDAR ‘Taj’ (real name Muhammad Islam) noted Urdu poet, writer and film song writer died in Mumbai on 25 August at the age of 77 years after a prolonged illness A native of Deoband, about 5 decades ago he settled down in Mumbai. Among his poetic works are Barfili Zameen ka Suraj, Awara Patthar, Zabar. He also wrote many poems for children. Since about 25 years ago he disconnected his relationship with film world. He leaves behind his wife, three sons and two daughters.              

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 September 2016 on page no. 12

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