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OCR badly needed for Urdu

New Delhi: Director of NCPUL (Qaumi Council) said while speaking in a meeting of the panel of linguistics and social linguistics that in today’s changing scenario, importance and utility or advantages of new technology cannot be denied nor can the journey of progress and development be undertaken without it. Therefore an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is badly needed for Urdu. He said that presently this facility already exists in other languages of the country like Bengali, Hindi, Tamil etc. With the help of this technology, he said true character for the publication of documents or books etc is known and identification of typed words into pictures will also become possible. Shedding light on the deep relationship between Urdu and linguistics, he said that in today’s times or world there is need to further expand / extend the scope of linguistics, and particularly of social linguistics. Prof. Abdus Sattar Dalvi, a linguist, said in his presidential address while conceding the services of the Qaumi Council (NCPUL), that the Council, in addition to linguistics has published more than 20 books of (technical and other) terms which is admirable. In this meeting many important decisions for publication of books were also taken and emphasis was laid on publishing these books within the prescribed periods. A suggestion was also made to upload the comprehensive Urdu encyclopaedia published by the Council on the Council’s website, to which all members unanimously agreed. Members of the Linguistics Panel laid emphasis on laying down the rules and regulations for compilation of dictionary and of glossary so that dictionaries in future could be compiled and written in the light of these guiding principles and rules. For this a 3-member committee has been constituted which will submit its report by the end of October. On this occasion members suggested that some rare and old books like Pundit Datatriya Kaifi’s Kaifia, Molvi Abdul Haq’s Faarsi ke asaraat Marathi par, and Istilahaat-e Peshawaraan (terms of professionals) which are not available now may be re-published.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 September 2016 on page no. 14

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