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NCPUL to compile an encyclopaedia of Arabic literature

New Delhi: NCPUL or Qaumi Urdu Council in its Arabic Language Panel meeting held on 17 August took the decision of compiling an encyclopaedia of Arabic literature in Urdu. In this connection the Director of NCPUL Prof. Irtiza Kareem said that both Urdu and Arabic languages belong to two separate linguistic families or groups, yet there is much similarity and closeness between the two at cultural and civilizational level. He said that Arabic language and literature has made valuable contribution to the richness and academic and scientific assets of Urdu, particularly if seen in the Indian perspective, there have been a large number of Indian writers, poets and intellectuals who have played an important role in the promotion of Arabic language and literature and their services cannot be forgotten. Hence NCPUL considers it its duty to familiarise Urdu knowing people with the broader scenario of Arabic literature in India. He further said that India has been witness to the importance and meaningfullness of Arabic language since ancient times and its importance has increased very much in modern times because this language is associated with employment and job, so much so that even among non-Muslim sections interest and necessity of learning this language is increasing. He further said that realising its importance and meaningfulness the NCPUL has been running many schemes for its promotion and provides financial assistance for purchase of Arabic books, publication of documents in Arabic and holding seminars. It (NCPUL) also arranges for functional Arabic diploma through distance education and runs functional Arabic courses and for this purpose it has set up study centres in different parts of the country in which the number of students desirous of learning Arabic is fairly large. In the meeting of this Panel, members also laid emphasis on the compilation of the history of Arabic literature from pre-Islamic days upto modern times and drafts for this were also prepared so that in the light of this, complete history of Arabic literature could be prepared. In this meeting of the Panel the project / plan of translating the poetic works of Urdu poets into Arabic was also considered. Members of the panel also expressed their views on some other plans for the promotion of Arabic language. Members of the Arabic Panel were Prof. Mohsin Usmani, Prof. No’man Khan, Prof. Kafeel Ahmad Qasmi, Prof. Mas’ood Anwar Alvi, Prof. Hasnain Akhtar, Council’s Principal Publications officer Dr. Shams Iqbal etc.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 September 2016 on page no. 14

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