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Prophet’s mission for promoting education was the biggest, which has no paralled in history

Najibabad: An extension lecture on ‘Problems being faced by the Millat and our responsibilities’ was organised in Qasimia Inter College here in which AMU’s Prof. Shakeel Samdani said that no other religion of the world has given so much importance to education as Islam has given and that’s why the first verse revealed by the Creator of the Universe to His Prophet (PBUH) was regarding the acquisition of education and knowledge. This shows that He has given the greatest importance to education for the world and on the basis of this revelation the Prophet (PBUH) worked for the promotion of education and during the brief period of merely 23 years, lakhs of illiterate people were made literate. He said that this was the greatest educational mission of the world which has no parallel anywhere else. Laying emphasis on this he said that this mission achieved so much success at a time when the means of communication and dissemination and promotion of education were very much limited or, in other word, virtually nil but in spite of so much emphasis on education today’s Muslims of India have forgotten their duty and in the educational field have been left far behind other communities and nations. He said that this is an extremely sorry state of affairs to which we should not only give serious thought but should also try to remove this educational backwardness.

He further said that as regards education, Islam has not made any difference between men and women and has made acquisition of education a duty for both. Islam permits women to acquire all kinds of education and do all types of work provided all these are within the limits of Shariat and the sanctity of Islam is not harmed in any way. He further said that in some states of the country 30 percent and in some other states 50 percent seats are being reserved for women in jobs, legislative bodies etc and if Muslim women are left behind in these also the ratio of Muslims, particularly in jobs will further be reduced. Speaking about the Indian Constitution he said that it is one of the best constitutions of the world according to which all kinds of opportunities and freedoms are available to us. We are permitted to avail of and have the rights of creating educational awareness, open schools, colleges, universities, to enjoy religious freedom and set up democratic institutions and so forth; but if we do not take advantage of all these freedoms, concessions and facilities, it is our own fault.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 September 2016 on page no. 14

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