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JIH & JUH to go to court against Surya Namaskar and Yoga

New Delhi/Mumbai: Ameer of Jamat-e Islami Hind (JIH), Maulana Jalaluddin Umri said in a press conference in Mumbai on 27 August that Muslims will never compromise with surya namaskar or yoga and the stand of Muslims against this is clear. He said that BJP being the political wing of RSS and is bound to follow its ideology and agenda, it wants to implement Hindutva principles in the entire country by force. Maulana Umri, who was in Mumbai in connection with JUH’s 2-week long ‘Aman wa Insaniyat’ (Peace and Humanism) movement started from Delhi from 21 August to 10 September against fast increasing cases of communal hatred and violence, intolerance, deteriorating law and order condition and to preach the message of peace and humanism, said in reply to a question by media persons that in the first place he hopes that government will not succeed in implementing it but if it makes yoga and surya namaskar compulsory in all schools, we will knock the door of the court against this or if any other milli organisation takes lead in this matter, we will support it. He said that Muslims worship and pray only to Allah, not sun or moon. He said that through BJP, RSS wants to thrust a particular and specific ideology on every body and added that situation has come to such an extent that it is now being stated that such-and-such group has to be exterminated, that Muslims are not useful for this country and that terrorists are born and created in them and by them only. He said that this thinking and mentality has to be changed.

In addition to Jamat-e Islami, Jamiatul Ulama-e Hind (JUH) also, in the meeting of its executive committee held in Anjuman-e Islam Karimi Library, making surya namaskar and yoga compulsory in municipal schools was strongly opposed and a declaration was made to take legal action against this without any delay. It was stated that consultations are going on with legal experts. JUH’s Maharashtra branch’s president Maulana Hafiz Nadeem Siddiqi said that standard of education, cleanliness, shortage of teachers, lack and even absence of many facilities and other problems in schools under Mumbai Municipal Corporation are no secret to any body but instead of paying attention to these and solving these problems, efforts are being made to impose RSS specific ideology on all students which is not only against our beliefs but is also clear violation of Indian Constituion which guarantees every citizen’s religious and other rights. Hence in no case it will be tolerated. He also said that we hope that Jamiatul Ulama will achieve success from court in the same way as it got in Madhya Pradesh.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 September 2016 on page no. 15

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