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Dubai-based Society distributes scholarships to AMU School students

Aligarh: Dubai-based Aligarh Welfare Society Foundation (AWSF) recently awarded 50 scholarships to AMU school students at a programme held at the Stretchy Hall of the Aligarh Muslim University.   

While distributing the scholarships, the Vice Chancellor, Lt General Zameer Uddin Shah (retd) said that school students should also focus on religious and moral education with modern education for their overall development. He added that students should aspire and prepare for respectable and demanding jobs, where they could earn a livelihood with respect. AMU VC urged the parents of AMU school students to encourage their children in accepting and embracing academic activities and to build up a life around education and learning.  

"Students should target competitive jobs in the government sector as well as the private sector," said the Vice Chancellor adding that students need to work hard from their primary school life and should continue it to a mature life.

Professor Shakeel Ahmad Samdani, Estate Officer, AMU said that Islam gives foremost importance to education and progress and the fact that the first verse of the Holy Quran urges people to 'read', states that believers should strive and work hard for education. He added that it was the impact of this Islamic message on education that the Arab world and the first generation of Muslims worked hard to seek knowledge and progress. "Since Muslim students are performing well in their studies at the primary and secondary school levels, it shows that there is no dearth of talent in them and with right guidance they can reach the skies," said Prof Samdani. He added that it is heartening to see that AMU alumni in general and members of AWSF in particular are committed to raise standards of education.

During the programme, scholarships were awarded to eight students of the AMU ABK High school (Boys), nine students of AMU ABK High school (Girls), eight students of AMU Girls High School (Abdullah), five students of AMU City High School (Girls), eight students of AMU City High School (Boys), ten students of STS High School and two students of Saiyid Hamid Senior Secondary School.    

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 October 2016 on page no. 12

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