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People misunderstand Haj subsidy: chairman, Haj Committee

Patna: Chairman of All India Haj Committee and MP, Chaudhari Mahboob Ali Qaisar said here while talking to mediapersons that common people have the misunderstanding that Haj subsidy is given by the government to prospective Hajis for their benefit but on this pretext in fact it benefits Air India (for partly making up the losses suffered by the national carrier). He clarified that the Air India flights that are reserved for Haj pilgrims only uses chartered flights whose air fares are higher than normal fares. Moreover, these flights to Saudi Arabia are full but on return journeys these flights are mostly empty. He said that the constitution of the new Haj Committee this year was delayed and hence the entire Haj arrangements were made under the guidance of Chief Executive Officer and because of this reason, not much work was left for the Chairman of Haj Committee. About the difficulties faced by Haj pilgrims in Saudi Arabia after reaching there he said that more than a lakh people go to Saudi Arabia for Haj every year. Under such circumstances it is difficult to satisfy every body but even then the Haj Committee takes all possible steps to minimise the difficulties faced by them. He said that the main difficulties that pilgrims face there are regarding accommodation and transport and efforts have been made to remove these difficulties. Extolling the services of Haj Khadims and government officers posted on duty there he said that many khadims have been rendering services to Hajis for fifteen and more years. Similarly, from immigration to all other places, where they are posted for duty on the occasion of Haj, they perform their duties sincerely and with devotion to duty. Regarding the arrangements made in Haj Houses in Mumbai and in other cities for training and coaching youth and students belonging to minority communities for All India competitive examinations he said that coaching and training arrangements made at Mumbai Haj House have brought good results so far and the standard of coaching will be improved further so that the performance of the students and youth in the competitive examinations may be better still. Regarding the coaching for BPSC in Patna Haj House he said that in addition to BPSC, coaching for UPSC also will be arranged there.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 October 2016 on page no. 14

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