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Restrictions on opening of middle, Urdu medium schools

Delhi: All India Urdu Educational Committee’s spokesman and state convener of UP, Mukhtar Siddiqi said in a press conference on 24 August that the present UP government in its election manifesto at the time of assembly elections in UP in 2012 had made many promises for the progress and promotion of Urdu language and asked in which and how many places in the state Urdu medium’s secondary educational institutions have been set up, in which and how many places in the state Urdu has been given the status of second official language of the state. He said that Mulayam Singh during his previous chief ministership had appointed several thousand Urdu teachers and translators and given a ray of hope to some extent and probably because of this, Muslims with their great support had brought his party to power but today after four years Urdu lovers find themselves cheated because during these four years, not to talk of setting up or opening Urdu medium middle/secondary schools, the government did not do any thing to remove the legal hurdle because of which restrictions are imposed on opening or setting up of Urdu medium secondary schools. He said that a bitter truth about which many Urdu lovers and supporters are not aware, is that after the independence of the country the first Congress government headed by (after Pundit Govind Balab Pant) Sampurnanand as chief minister issued an ordinance through which he imposed a restriction on opening or setting up of any Urdu medium educational institutions in the state, and this restriction is still in force. The true position in the state today, and also since long, is that in no district or city of this state there is even a single Urdu medium school nor any government officer is prepared to accept any application written in Urdu. How funny and ironical it is that in a state where Urdu has been declared the second official language of the state by the Court, no work at all is being done in Urdu nor are Muslims able to receive education in their mother tongue Urdu. Another bitter truth and unfortunate matter is that none of our milli and religious leaders or organisations took any legal or other steps against the criminal acts and policies of deliberately suppressing and stifling of Urdu by former governments of the state nor even raised any voice of protest. If Muslims themselves are lax and indifferent about Urdu, why would governments show any interest and keenness in promoting Urdu? Under the conditions prevailing today Muslims and lovers of Urdu should unite, at least on the problem of promotion of Urdu and put pressure on the government to make education of Urdu compulsory upto at least 8th class in all schools of the state, use of Urdu should be popularised in all government offices and more importantly take legal or other steps to abolish the ordinance issued by Sampurnanand-led Congress government at the earliest, set up or open Urdu medium schools or allow Muslims organisations to set up Urdu medium educational institutions, government gazettes, voters lists of elections should be published in Urdu also, all government advertisements, notices etc should be published in Urdu along with Hindi newspapers also etc., etc.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 October 2016 on page no. 14

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