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Notices issued at govt level to vacate 74 Waqf properties

New Delhi: SDM (Kotwali), Akhil Kumar in an important step issued notices under section 55 (of the amended Waqf Act) to the occupants of 74 Waqf properties to vacate these properties within 15 days and hand these over to Waqf Board. Issuance of such notices by the SDM became necessary because the notices issued by Waqf Board under section 54 of the Act for vacation of these Waqf properties had no effect in spite of efforts made by Waqf Board many times. Under the notices issued by SDM the occupants have been asked to vacate the occupied properties within 15 days, failing which the SDM will get these properties vacated by force with the help of police. These 74 Waqf properties come under 9 different thana areas of Delhi, maximum of these 74 properties, i.e. 21 properties are under Jama Masjid Thana area, followed by IP Estate Thana area where there are 19 (Waqf) properties, for the vacation of which notices have already been issued. In addition to properties in Jama Masjid (Old Delhi) and IP Estate Thana areas, in Lahori Gate thana area there is 1, Kashmiri Gate thana area there are 5 properties, Darya Ganj Thana area 1, Kotwali Thana area 1, Chandni Mahal Thana area 13, Bada Hindu Rao Thana area 3 and Sabzi Mandi thana area 10 to whom notices have been issued to vacated these waqf properties. Also, there is a provision that if the occupants of any property do not want to vacate it, they should go to Waqf Board’s office and get the property / properties registered in his / their name as tenant/s under the new or amended Waqf Act (in which case they will have to pay rents at a higher rate) otherwise their properties will be got vacated by force (with police help). In addition to the occupants of 74 waqf properties (mentioned above) to whom notices under section 55 have been issued by the SDM on behalf of Waqf Board, there are some or many other areas where such notices under section 55 are yet to be sent by SDM for vacation of the properties being occupied by them.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 October 2016 on page no. 14

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