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Anti-terrorism course included in Madrasa syllabus

Bareilly: In view of the fact that anti-Islamic and Islamophobic forces in India as well as all over the world are associating terrorism with Islam, Muslims and Islamic madrasahs and despite the fact that dissenting voices against such allegations are being raised mainly by Muslims everywhere. Dargah Ala Hazrat’s Madrasa Manzar-e Islam in Bareilly which has been promoting religious education for centuries and from where hundreds and thousands of religious scholars, Ulama, muftis are spreading the true message of peace and humanism of Islam in many parts of the world, has now included an anti-terrorism course in its syllabus. The beginning of this course was in fact made by Mufti Saleem Noor last year (2015) along with Mufti course in which initially there were 15 students. Subsequently, 15 other students also joined this course. Though the number of students in this course is small, yet a beginning in this direction has been made. Mufti Saleem Noori said that the necessity of including such a course in the Madrasah syllabus was felt because on the wrong and misleading information being spread through the Internet. Madrasa muftis, parents and well wishers searched for all such matter and literature on the internet which were anti-Islamic. Also, wrong, misleading and provocative translations of teachings of the Qur’an and Hadees are made which are enough to mislead Muslims, particularly the youth. He said that in last year’s Mufti and anti-terrorism course, Islam’s true and original literature and the wrong literature on the internet were collected and compared and the latter were found to be completely wrong and misleading. He said that instead of holding meetings, etc. at different places to provide true guidance to the youth, it was considered better to start this course because muftis and religious scholars provide guidance to thousands of students. He said that anti-terrorism course has been divided into two parts. In the first part, teachings and activities/practices of Companions have been included, the explanations of which were made by Ala Hazrat himself and the second part included the mischievous and outsider elements in early Islam whose objective was to mislead and preach teachings other thea true and real teachings of Islam. The first part of this course is being taught to Madrasa students. Five teachers, namely, Mufti Aaqil, Mufti Saleem Noori, Mufti Moinuddin Khan, Mufti Afroz Alam and Mufti Kamal Mian are teaching these courses.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 October 2016 on page no. 15

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