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Urdu journalist Anees Jama’ee

New Delhi:    Renowned Urdu journalist, Anees Jama’ee, passed away on 20 September 2016, at Delhi. He was buried in the Batla House graveyard after Zohr prayers the same day. Anees Jama’ee (Aneesur-Rahman b. 5 June, 1953) held many distinguished positions during his lifespan of 63 years.

His father, Munshi Afzalur-Rahman, owned an old printing press in Old Delhi which printed Islamic literature. He didn’t earn much from the press but was very much resigned to his fate and will of Allah.

Anees Jama’ee got a job in the daily Pratap of Delhi. Later, he also held jobs in All-India Radio and UNI Urdu news agency.

He enjoyed the friendship of a number of religious, social and political personalities. His acquaintances included ministers, governors and envoys, but he never approached them for any worldly need.

He would say, “Be a necessity for your department, a necessity which only you can fulfil. Don’t allow yourself to become a liability for your department. Don’t become attached to a department again after taking leave from it, neither as a part-timer nor even without remuneration. In this way you will either encroach on others’ rights or would hinder your followers’ progress. Instead of valuing money, value contentment.” He cared for his friends and their offsprings and took keen interest in solving their problems.

Anees Jama’ee was a fearless journalist. He put up his point of view fearlessly and pressed numerous arguments to prove his point. He had unfailing memory. He talked only to the point and submitted his point of view fearlessly.

Once he met the Prime Minister of the country with a delegation of Muslims. There was a lot of discussion there with reference to the problems of the Muslim community and their solution. Making a sign towards Anees Jama’ee, PM said “Your style resembles that of ‘Hizbul-Mujahideen’,” to which Jama’ee replied, “Excuse me, Sir, why should there be a copyright over styles?” The then Prime Minister recognised his style and asked, “Are you Anees Jama’ee Sahib? When did you leave Pratap?”

Anees appreciated science of medicine a lot and liked the company of Hakims. He took keen interest in compiling and composing of a quarterly Tibbi magazine “Jahan-e-Tibb” and invested a lot of his own money to promote the magazine.

Anees had deeply studied Islam and understood Indian politics well. He yearned for the unity of Muslim ummah and cooperated with the Shahi Imam Syed Ahmad Bukhari. He longed for a central Muslim leadership and used to say, “If we choose anyone as our leader and follow him sincerely, there is no reason why our voice wouldn’t be heard. In fact, our differences provide strength to others. If we are not united, no one would hear us.” (Excerpted and translated by MG staff from an Urdu article by Hakeem Wasim Ahmad Azmi)

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 October 2016 on page no. 12

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