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Slaughter of animals with electric shock condemned

New Delhi:  The new system of slaughtering animals at the Ghazipur slaughter-house, by stunning them with electric shock before their slaughter, has been widely condemned. The problem came up as a result of the Central as well as the Delhi state law relating to Section 6, Sub-section 4 of the Cruelty Against Animals (Slaughter-house) Rules 2001, which says that before its slaughter the animal should be rendered unconscious with the help of electric shock. This system was first tried on goats. Now, a new technique of slaughtering of buffaloes has been introduced which is even more cruel. They fire a gun at the forehead of the buffalo which has a 6 inch-long steel bullet. It is so powerful that the animal’s brain oozes out. This is done under the supervision of the municipal corporation because Ghazipur slaughter-house falls under it and it awarded the contract of running the Ghazipur slaughter house to a big company. A number of Muslim organisations have demanded immediate  ban on this process. All-India Jamiatul-Quresh Delhi state’s president, Haji Ateeq Sajid, said he has himself seen this cruel method in operation. He said the gun is brought near the head of the animal and fired. The bullet is so powerful that not only the animal’s brain comes out, but even blood oozes out of the ears and nose of the buffalo which immediately falls on the ground. He said killing of goats with electric shock is also a cruel method and when this act was under consideration in 2001, meat traders had opposed it. Slaughtering of goats has been at a standstill since the last month as the goat merchants are insisting on the old ‘Shariah’ method. It is said that an NGO run by the Union minister Maneka Gandhi is behind the new rules at the Ghazipur slaughter house.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 October 2016 on page no. 15

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