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Complaints made against former Waqf Board’s chiefs to Anti-Corruption Bureau

New Delhi: Chairman of Delhi Waqf Board, Amanatullah Khan while talking to media persons said that complaints against former heads of Delhi Waqf Board have been made to the Anti-Corruption Bureu with a request to investigate the decisions taken by them during their chairmanship of the Delhi Waqf Board. He said that former Chairmen of Delhi Waqf Board, Haroon Yusuf and Chaudhury Mateen Ahmad have harmed the Waqf Board during their tenures and he has solid proofs against them and hence action may be taken against them. Chaudhari Mateen Ahmad however said in his defence that whatever decisions he had taken were in accordance with rules.

Regarding Haroon Yusuf, he (Amanatullah Khan) said that he was chairman of the Waqf Board from 1999 to 2004 and from 2005 to 2013 his driver was one Rafeeq who took salary from Waqf Board and also signed as Waqf Board (WB) employee but he was being used for his (Haroon’s) personal work. Amanatullah Khan said that the driver’s salary for the period of 8 years was Rs. 5,17,312. On 1st April 2013 this driver had come back to Delhi Waqf Board, adding that this amount (Rs. 5,17,312) should be returned by Haroon Yusuf to Delhi Waqf Board.

About Chaudhary Mateen Ahmad, Khan said that Mateen Ahmad had given Punjab Khod’s 62 bighas land (on lease) at the rate of 25 Paise per sq yard per month for an indefinite period whereas according to 2005 Act, land can be given on lease for 3 years (but he gave it on lease for an indefinite period). Khan further said that there are 38 tenants on this land which was given at a throw-away price. In reply to a question by a media person that if the Board has power, why this deal was not cancelled? At this, Khan said that the Board has the necessary power and hence we will cancel this deal. He further said that we will make a complaint against both these (to ACB) and will also demand action aginst both these former chairmen.

Mateen Ahmad however said that this matter is 12 years old and for this a tender was floated through advertisements and the highest bidder was given the land. He said that this matter has already been investigated and again it is pending for hearing in Lok Ayukt’s office and asked how many more investigations will be made? In order to accuse Amanatullah Khan, Mateen Ahmad said that Waqf Board’s office was raided by ACB and notice was sent for investigations into advertisements for appointments etc. Hence he (Khan) is accusing us to save his own skin. Defending Haroon Yusuf, Mateen Ahmad said that in place of the Waqf Board’s driver being used by him (Haroon), he had given another driver to the Waqf Board. He further said that at present Waqf Board employees are working in chief secretary’s and government officer Azimul Haq’s offices and their salaries are being paid by the Waqf Board. 

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 October 2016 on page no. 15

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