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Agreement between AMU and Manglayatan University

Aligarh: AMU Vice Chancellor Zamiruddin Shah and Manglayatan University’s Vice Chancellor Prof. Satish Chand Jain said in a joint press conference here on 12 September that both Universities will cooperate and work together for removing the difficulties and meeting the challenges being faced by rural and urban people of Aligarh region as well as for improving the condition and standard of life of people of this area. It may be stated in this connection that recently an agreement between AMU and Manglayatan University was signed under which it was decided that a joint programme will be started for promotion and improvement of Aligarh district’s educational, industrial and urban conditions and that both universities will work together under the joint programme in the field of research and training. They said that in order to make Aligarh a smart city both universities will also work on improving the traffic system, road safety, providing clean drinking water to the people of this area and also to provide clean atmosphere and participation of local people in these activities. They said that teachers of both universities will also work together in the field of research and training, protection and increase in water resources and projects of cleaning of rivers Ganga and Jamuna along with improving the quality of water systems of other rivers in this area. A Ganga Water Research Centre will be set up in AMU and a Jamuna Water Research Centre will be set up in Manglatan University and research and educational work will also be undertaken. Both universities will keep an eye on the changing situation in Jamuna water in Mathura and its neighbouring areas and see to it that dirty and polluting water from the neighbouring areas is not allowed to flow in the Jamuna. Work will also be done for the treatment of polluting water and after identifying the level of pollution a report will be sent to the government. They said that both universities will build a software park and engineering capabilities of both universities will be utilised for the promotion of green energy in rural and industrial areas. Emphasis will also be laid on harnessing and promoting the modernisation of sources of wind energy, solar energy and biomass energy. Self-sufficient or self dependent project reports will be prepared for the safety and modernisation of historical buildings of the city. Efforts will also be made to promote Aligarh as a tourist centre so that tourists coming to Mathura, Agra and Delhi could be provided facilities of world standard in Aligarh. Speaking about Moosa Degree Museum Zamiruddin Shah said that after protecting different historical heritages in AMU, this Museum has been made of world standard so that tourists and important personalities coming to Aligarh could be informed about the heritages of Aligarh. Both these universities will also work for the promotion and development of historical industries of Aligarh’s neighbouring industries such as pottery industry of Khurja and (glass) bangle industry of Firozabad. In this connection, taking advantage of Indian government’s skill development programme, efforts will be made to make regional population self dependent. Both these universities, for treatment of waste material, will promote such a model. Steps will also be taken to ensure that for the treatment and management of waste water; financial resources of the city should not be used only for collection and disposal of waste material but for deriving more advantages by recycling the waste materials. Both these universities will also prepare and promote medicines with the help of, or, derived from unani medicines and nano material science. Attention will also be paid to the cultivation of medicinal plants so that farmers cultivating these plants could get good income and the target of producing cheap medicines could be achieved. In addition to these, in cooperation with both universities, legal aid clinics will also be set up in Aligarh and neighbouring areas. Zamiruddin Shah said that for creating awareness among people for implementing the decisions taken between the two universiites, awareness camps will be set up in cooperation with social science faculties, particularly boy and girl students of both universities. AMU’s Pro Vice Chancellor Brig S. Amad Ali said that both universitie will also work for improving Aligarh’s traditional locks industry with the use of modern technology and improved machines. For this purpose, those engaged in this industry will be trained along modern lines through practical training, seminars, workshps etc so as to familiarise them with improved techniques in this field.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 November 2016 on page no. 14

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