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“New Service rules are a danger to madrasas”

Lucknow: General secretary of All India Arabic Madrasa Teachers Association, Waheedullah Khan Sayedi said here while addressing a huge gathering of madrasa teachers, employees and teachers of Madrasa Modernisation Scheme who had come from all over the country and were sitting on a protest dharna in support of their demands, that Samajwadi Party government of the state (UP) has been trying for the past about 4.5 years to mislead and befool the teachers of aided Arabic madrasas through attractive promises only. He said that when this party was not in power it was giving great importance to the problems and difficulties faced by madrasa teachers but now its attitude is completely changed. It appears that it is working on the policy of ‘use and throw’. He said that new (service) rules are a great danger to the identity and existence of madrasas because in the new rules there is nothing for the security of service of madrasa teachers, adding that the earlier rules were better than these rules. He said that it would be wrong to even describe these as ‘rules’. He said that every effort was made by us through talks and dicussions to amend and rectify these rules but officials of the concerned Department do not realise our difficulties and those associated with a noble profesion like teaching had to take to street and sit on this protest dharna. He said that instead of considering and working on our demands, responsible officers of the Department are pressurising us to postpone our dharna but we have made it clear to them that if they do not fulfill our demands and give us our rights easily, we will grab them. He further said that about two years have elapsed since it was promised to include the remaining 48 madrasas in the grant list but even after two years no order to this effect has been issued so far. In the same way, matters like affiliation of Kamil and Fazil level madrasas to Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Urdu, Arabic and Persian University and revision of scale of pay of principal / head and Vice Principal are lying in cold storage since long, and no practical steps are being taken to implement them. State President of All India Arabic Madrasa Teachers Association Maulana Muhammad Idris Bastawi while addressing the madrasa teachers and employees etc said that “if” we give up our protest and awakening on our rights and demands, not to talk of our rights, we will not get even alms. Hence we must continue our protest and demand our rights with greater force.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 November 2016 on page no. 15

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