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Haryana Waqf Board sets up separate religious, welfare dept

Panipat: Haryana Waqf Board has separately set up a religious and welfare department within the Board and appointed an officer who will take care and look after mosques which have been illegally occupied and will also work for payment of salaries of hundreds of Masjid imams, arranging grants of madrasas, repair and renovation of mosques and providing necessary facilities for Namaazis. This information was given by Board’s administrative officer Imteyaz Khizr while talking to media persons. He said that at present air conditioners are being installed in the mosques of 20 districts of Haryana. In the big mosque of Panchkola 8 air conditioners (ACs), in Ambala’s mosque 4 ACs and in all other big mosques ACs are being installed in accordance to their needs. He said that in accordance with the intentions and wishes of Waaqifs, good arrangements are being made in all big and small mosques, cold water is being arranged for and places for ablution are being built or rebuilt where these are in bad condition and dozens of mosques are being got repaired. In small mosques where ACs cannot be installed fans are being installed. He said that for getting the occupied mosques vacated, special strategy has to be adopted in cooperation with local people, for their possession.

In reply to a question he said that Haryana Waqf Board is a unique Board in the sense that it has categorised Imams in accordance with their being Hafiz, ‘Aalim, junior ‘Aalim and ‘Aalim Hafiz, Fazil etc and their salaries are decided in accordance with thier category which too is based on their qualification. In the welfare department, he said, the Board started schemes like scholarships or financial assistance of widows and promising students, aid in natural calamities to the affected persons, installation of cold water machines etc since long. He said that in order to get acquainted with the problems of Imams, meetings are held from time to time with them. Imteyaz Khizr said that waaqifs i.e. those who had dedicated or donated thousands of properties as waqfs in the past and had also written deeds ie the purposes for which their waqf properties were to be used, were being put into practice in the past but in the wake of the tragedy of partition, their waqf deeds were destroyed or lost but in consultation with ulama Waqf Act was passed in which details of their use etc were described and work is being done in accordance with this Act under the supervision of Haryana’s ADGP (Law & Order) Muhammad Aaqil and now that Hanif Qureshi has been made the new CEO of Haryana Waqf Board, both these officers are trying to give a new direction to this Board and its activities. 

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 November 2016 on page no. 15

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