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Freedom Fighter Ashfaqullah Khan's

"A message from the brinks of grave" Born: October 22, 1900, Shahjahanpur Died: December 19, 1927, Faizabad
Salaam, to my brothers from a brother who sacrificed himself for them and the honour of the nation in Faizabad Jail.
I have to spend three days and four nights after sending this message to you today, after which I will go into the lap of motherland.
The charges put on us have been made public so that many illiterate people and and those who "suck bones at the dining table of government (sic)" can call us robbers and murderers.
Today, I am waiting to be hanged, but I am happy and would like thank my brothers.
And I would read this
"Somebody died for you and you ignored
Far from your life, I have this complaint"
Leave it, that's upon you to accept our sacrifice or not and my duty is to keep reminding you....

Source: Ashfaqullah Khan Shaheed: Kakori case ka hero (Biography), Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library (Patna). Translation from Urdu by Tanzil Asif.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 November 2016 on page no. 22

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