If and when people talk about “divide and rule” they imagine that the Britishers were the originators of this policy and enforced it to enslave our motherland. Though they implemented this policy with all their crookedness and might, they were certainly not the originators of this policy.

The phrase “divide and rule comes from the Latin “divide et impera”, attributed to king Philip of Macedonia in ancient Greece. This policy was adopted by Caesar of Rome and Napoleon of France, too. In a letter to James I, Sir Francis Bacon used this phrase in 1615. James Madison is reported to have recommended this policy to Thomas Jefferson in 1787.
Let us see what this divide and rule policy is. This clever policy is an axiom of veiled tyranny. The following are some of the prime techniques of this policy:
1.    Create and/or encourage sharp and unsolveable divisions and differences amongst the subjects so that they may utilise their energies and resources to fight one another. And thus, prevent alliances and agreements amongst them, which will prove to be dangerous to the rulers.
2.    Aid secretly all those elements which are on the side of the rulers and willing to cooperate with them in keeping the dissenters under check.

3.    Foster distrust and enmity amongst the various religious and cultural groups by suitably twisting the history of the country so as to establish that one was an enemy of the other and the same blood runs in the veins of the present generation.

The Divide and rule policy was followed not only by the British when they ruled over India, but also is being followed even today by the BJP government at the Centre and in the states where it is ruling.

The one and only one strong and perfect antidote to this satanic policy for the oppressed, suppressed and depressed sections of society, that is, the Muslims Dalits.  The pernicious propaganda that the Indian Muslims are anti-India and that the future of Dalits is in danger if they become Muslims or Buddhists has to be countered. If “they” want to divide “us” and rule, let “us” unitedly defeat their designs.  

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 November 2016 on page no. 2

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