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AMU Students Union election

Aligarh: Election of AMU Students Union was held this month (October), a special feature of which was that 3 girl students were victorious in this election, this was a first in the history of AMU Students Union, and its 10-member cabinet. Faizul Hasan was elected President of the Union, Nadeem Ansari and Nabil Usmani were elected Vice Presidents. The three girls: BS W student Ghazala Parveen, Sadaf Rasool a (girl) student of Unani Medicine Department and Labiba Sherwani, also a student of BSW were included in the 10-member cabinet of the Students Union. Student leaders  while speaking after the oath taking ceremony sharply criticised AMU administration, central and state governments. Abul Fateh Shaazli who unsuccessfully contested for the post of President said while criticising Vice Chancellor Zamiruddin Shah that it is a matter of great shame that when the murderer of oppressed Muslims in Gujrat becomes prime minister, AMU Vice Chancellor goes to Modi’s court for releasing his book Arsh se Farsh tak. He said that even now the faces of the oppressed (Muslims) are sorrowful, tears of widows have not yet dried up, orphan children’s eyes are still waiting to see their parents and their wounds have not healed so far, but in spite of all this, our VC Zamiruddin Shah went to the same Modi’s court to release his book. He said that our brothers were burnt alive in Gujrat’s bakery and their souls are tossing restlessly, Zakia Jafery is still waiting for justice. Why the verdict on Babri Masjid in this country is on the basis of faith, why at the time of Independence our representation in government jobs was 50% (sic) but why our representation has now fallen down to 0.5% (sic). He said that as a memorial of India’s first war of independence, the heads of our forefathers are buried on the crossroads of the country which are our heritage. He also criticised ‘surya namaskar’ and many other Hindu practices being introduced by central and other BJP ruled states.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 November 2016 on page no. 14

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