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JUH to plead cases of Muslim youth arrested in Jaipur

Mumbai: Jamiat Ulama-e Hind (JUH) which has been providing legal assistance to Muslim youth falsely arrested in terrorism cases has now decided to fight legal cases of Muslim youth arrested in Rajasthan on charges of terrorism or their suspected association with IS or other terrorist organisations. It may be stated in this connection that as many as 13 Muslim youth who were studying engineering were arrested by ATS in 2014 on charges of their association with Indian Mujahideen. ATS had claimed that they wanted to let loose terrorist activities in Rajasthan. Though about 2.5 years have elapsed since their arrest, neither has any one of them been released on bail nor any legal proceedings were taken against them. Disappointed, families of the accused and arrested persons approached JUH. Mumbai’s Gulzar Azmi said that ATS (Rajasthan) has falsely implicated 13 innocent educated Muslims and so he has decided to plead their cases in court and for this, it is in touch with many lawyers who take up and handle criminal cases. He also said that JUH has already taken up the cases of those people who have been made accused in Jaipur as well as in Delhi. The responsibility of taking up and pleading their cases has been given to advocate S. M. Khan but since the hearing of this case in Jaipur has been postponed, their case in Delhi also is postponed. The falsely accused and arrested persons are Muhammad Umar, Muhammad Weqar, Abdul Maajid, Muhammad Aqib etc. After the arrest of these people their family members had filed writ petitions saying that investigating agencies had not filed chargesheets against the arrested persons within the prescribed 60 days nor has the court of magistrate any right to hear the cases under the supervision of ATS but the Supreme Court had rejected all petitions one after the other, after which the family members of the arrested persons have no other alternative. However, now that JUH has decided to fight their cases, it is hoped that their cases will be taken up for hearing soon. In this case ATS has filed a charge sheet running into thousands of pages and has also recorded the statements of about 200 witnesses.


This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 November 2016 on page no. 14

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