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Setting up of IIM, IIT in Jammu criticised

Srinagar: Interim President of National Conference Omar Abdullah said in a tweet on the twitter of micro blogging’s website that in the meeting of central cabinet, it has approved of the setting up of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in addition to AIIMS in Jammu and asked where are those people who had talked about equal and balanced development of the three regions of Jammu & Kashmir? It may be stated that the central cabinet has decided to set up AIIMS in both Kashmir Valley and Jammu region but the IIT and IIM only in Jammu. Criticising J&K chief minister Mahbooba Mufti, he said that along with political agenda she has ‘sold’ her soul also. He also wrote in his tweet that he had the feeling that for the sake of power and position (at the time of forming coalition government with BJP) she will have to sell her political agenda but I had no idea at that time that she will have to sell her soul also which she has now done. He described central government’s action in approving three institutions (IIM, IIT and AIIMS) for Jammu and only one institution (AIIMS) for Kashmir as partiality against Kashmir Valley. He said it is therefore not surprising that because of all this, there is restlessness and dissatisfaction in most parts of Kashmir.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 November 2016 on page no. 15

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