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Telugu writer brings out calendar of Indian Muslim freedom fighters

Telugu writer Syed Naseer Ahamed, with the help of Mohammed Farookh Shubli, Founder President of Youth Welfare, Vijayawada, has brought out a calendar for 2017 bearing photos of India's Muslim freedom fighters.

Syed Naseer Ahamed has been consistently writing about Muslim freedom fighters including his pictorial album The Immortals. The calendar consists of 6 pages. Each page of two months has four photos of Muslim freedom fighters who are less known to general public. A total of 24 freedom fighters have been accommodated in six pages. Role of Muslim freedom fighters in India's Independence has been printed often in the print edition of The Milli Gazette.

This calendar is in English. Syed Naseer Ahamed is trying to release the calendar in various centres across the country in order to inform people about the part played by Muslims in the freedom struggle of India. For more information, please contact Syed Naseer Ahamed at syednaseerahamed2015$

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