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Jamia a bouquet of culture and technique: HRD minister

New Delhi: Jamia Millia Islamia University’s Convocation was held on 11 November in Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi Sports complex (previously known as Bhopal Ground) when union HRD minister of state Dr. M. N. Pande in his Convocation address described Jamia Millia as a beautiful bouquet or combination of composite culture and technique. He said that it is a matter of happy coincidence that this Convocation is being held in this educational institution on a date that is the birth anniversary of India’s first education minister Maulana Abul Kalam Azad which is also celebrated as National Education Day in this country. He said that in the Qur’an emphasis has been laid on the education of both men and women and the Prophet (PBUH) of Islam also, laying emphasis on the importance of education and learning said that if for seeking education and knowledge one has to go to China (farthest country from Arabia among countries known for ancient civilisation and knowledge) he should go there. Reciting a couplet he said that knowledge not only makes a man respectable but it is his wealth also and unlike other things, by distributing and spreading knowledge and learning it does not decrease but increases. Dr. Pande who did a doctorate in Hindi from BHU, said that it is India’s culture, civilisation and unity which differentiates it from other countries of the world but along with traditional educational and sciences, modern sciences and technologies also need to be acquired and promoted and from this respect Jamia Millia by imparting and promoting both, it is a beautiful bouquet of composite culture and technology, seeing that whereas on one side it has initiated the opening of a department of culture, it is promoting innovation and research in modern sciences and technologies.

Director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr. (Prof.) M. C. Mishra who was invited to this Convocation as one of the special guests, while laying emphasis on acquisition of education and knowledge, being a doctor also gave the students some tips about health. He advised the youth, particularly students not to take cold drinks and in order to improve their way of life, take a balanced diet, do physical exercise, yoga etc. Expressing his concern over people taking too much sugar, he said that about two decades ago consumption of sugar per head was, on an average, 300 grams which today has increased to about two kilos because of which obesity is growing and creating the danger of cancer. He said that as compared to western countries (which are developed), in developing countries (like India) rate of cancer is about one-sixth.    

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 December 2016 on page no. 14

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