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We are fighting not only for Muslims but for Hindus also: Madni

Kanpur: Maulana Arshad Madni, President of Jamiatul Ulama-e Hind (JUH) while speaking at a conference on ‘Protection of Indian Constitution’ held in Kanpur on 14 November advised Muslims not to get provoked and agitated over the intrigues and mischief mongerings of the enemies of Islam because this is what they want i.e. Muslims should get provoked and agitated and give up the path of their their perseverance and patience. He said that because of the forthcoming elections in some states a game of division of their votes is being played by these elements. Hence we should work and act wisely. Speaking about and referring to the results of Delhi and Bihar assembly elections he urged them to be careful against the conspiracies and machinations of these forces. Regarding the demonetisation of high denomination notes he sarcastically said that these notes have taken away the votes because as a result of this game of the government people are facing great difficulties and in the forthcoming UP assembly elections, BJP is not going to win. He said that JUH wants to work and move forward along with secular people of the country and does not discriminate between Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians, adding that we are fighting not only for the rights of Muslims but for the rights of Hindus also. He said that we have won the case of 13 youths in High Court who were falsely arrested on charges of terrorism and who were sentenced to death. He said that among these 13 youths, 5 were Hindu youths also. He further said that BJP reached the seat of power by acquiring only 30 percent votes and formed the government. This clearly shows that 70 percent people did not vote for them and are against the ideologies of BJP and RSS, among whom are both Hindus and Muslims.

He said that he fears that those who are occupying the seats of power want to make this country a Hindu Rashtra which in no case will be acceptable to Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and other minority communities. He said that majority of the country is with us and all of us want peace and communal harmony to prevail in all villages and cities. He said that long queues outside banks appear to indicate that people are facing great inconvenience, that notes have taken away votes and this is the beginning of government’s decline and fall. He said that election in Up is at hand and BJP will have to face defeat here. He gave the message to Muslims that wherever they live, they should protect houses, shops, farms, crops, of their neighours, irrespective of the religion to which they belong and be with them in joys and sorrows on the basis of humanism. Another speaker Maulana Syed Ashhad Rashidi, president of JUH (UP) said in his speech that the target of those supporting uniform civil code is not Islam but their real target is democracy which they want to set on fire but all of us who love this country will not allow them to harm this country’s Constitution. As regards Islam, he said that neither any body has been able to harm it nor any body can harm it because its Protector is Allah. Regarding fake encounter in Bhopal he said that before the crime of alleged criminals was proved, they were killed. This is out and out cruelty and their killers are cruel who must be punished. City Qazi, Hafiz Abdul Quddoos Haadi said that Jamiatul Ulama is fighting the cases of innocent youths who were (falsely) arrested but subsequently acquitted by courts which the communalists are not able to digest, adding that for Muslim youngmen who were falsely arrested but acquitted by courts, Jamiatul Ulama has already filed cases against police officers who falsely accused and arrested them because of which they (police officers) fear their impending implication and arrest and in desperation the campaign of killing them before expected acquittal has started. He said that encounter of 8 Muslim youth in Bhopal is linked to this campaign.    

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 December 2016 on page no. 15

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