Thank you!

I wish to avail of this opportunity to thank all those who have supported us in one way or the other during this long journey over 17 years. I specially thank:
* Our correspondents, contributors and cartoonist who have over the years offered their best services for meagre remunerations and in some cases for free;
* Our staff members who dedicatedly worked on meagre salaries and never failed us. My special thanks are due to Mr NA Ansari who joined us in the very beginning and continued to the last day despite his old age. I also fondly remember late S. Athar Hussain, our typographer and designer, who dedicatedly worked with us from the very first issue until his untimely death in July 2012 (see MG issue no. 300). He stayed very late in the office on deadline days, sometimes until the next fajr. He contributed a lot to our evolving design;
* Our readers, many of whom have shown strong attachment and commitment. I also thank our critics for their interest in our materials;
* Our distributors across the country who made our access to the reader easy after general newsagents in Delhi and other places refused to touch our newspaper;
* Our subscribers, some of whom went out of their way to support us in various ways and ignored our shortcoming and the perennial problems of postal delivery in some parts of the country especially in Gujarat where our copies were intercepted and destroyed in bulk which made us devise ways to reach our reachers;
* Our printers, Nice Press and Vibha, for their total cooperation;
* Our well-wishers and supporters who offered help in many ways;
* Our founder and life-members who placed their trust in us.
* My thanks are also due to my family members: my wife Habiba, son Mazin and daughter Aaliya who voluntarily worked for MG all these years without any remuneration.

I assure all our subscribers that they will, insha Allah, receive a refund of their remaining subscriptions in due course. Such subscribers may opt for old MG issues/annual volumes or books published by our publishing arm, Pharos Media whose earnings and export activities helped us continue MG. Please see p. 20 for details.
    Zafarul-Islam Khan

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 December 2016 on page no. 2

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