A Shining Example

For the past many years, this esteemed school has an excellent record of results in the Telengana SSC (Class X) Board Examination. All students passed with at least 6 GPA. Not a single student ever failed. However, now Pass means almost nothing and even 6 GPA means very little. Now, we have to see the proportion of students getting at-least 8 GPA.

Last year, in 2015, 43% of all students who had appeared had passed with at-least 8 GPA. This year, 42/74 or 57% passed with at-least 8 GPA.

Why only 8 GPA? Last year, only three students, just about 3 per cent of all who had appeared, had got at least 9 GPA. The First had 9.5 GPA, the second had 9.3 GPA and the third had 9.2 GPA. This year, 10/74 or 13.5 per cent have at least 9 GPA. The First has 9.7 GPA, the second has 9.3 GPA, then three have 9.2 GPA and five have 9.0 GPA.

In 30 institutions of UP (established and managed by Muslims) whose X Board Exam results of 2016, we received, we did NOT find a single student in Grade A1 or with at least 91 per cent marks. Here in one institution in Hyderabad we find five, each with at least 9.2 GPA, and another five with 9.0 GPA.

Not only this. In 2015, Madina Public School (also in Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad) had sent its first batch for the CBSE X board exam. All had passed in at least  Grade B2, 5/27 or 18.5 per cent had passed with 10 GPA (maximum possible). It is difficult to improve more. But, this year, in 2016, 7/24 or 29.2 per cent  have attained 10 GPA (full points). So now, in this school, we have to count how many got FULL POINTS.  

The “Muslim” institutions in UP (those managed by Muslims) need to wake-up. Just Aqalliati Kirdar (with an alif) is NOT enough. ‘Aqliati Kirdar (with an ‘ain) is more needed.

A R Shervani 

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 December 2016 on page no. 6

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