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Plea for ban on burqa’ dismissed by Delhi High Court

New Delhi: Delhi High Court’s bench of Chief Justice G. Rohini and Justice Sangeeta Dhingra Sehgal on 15 November dismissed a PIL petition requesting for ban on veils (burqa’), helmets, hoods etc at public place, government offices, heritage sites etc in the national capital on grounds of security and threats of terror activities. The PIL petitioner, Sardar Ravi Ranjan Singh had stated that face coverings and wearing of full body cover like burqa’ is a serious security issue and citizens are put to constant risks and fear in the capital and that face veils, burqa’s can be used to prevent identification…. and that criminals and extremists can use burqas to skip checking at police posts and barricades. The High Court bench said that it is not a matter of public interest and that we cannot interfere in this writ petition and hence it is dismissed. The Bench also said that this issue involves a policy decision. The government will take care of it.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 December 2016 on page no. 14

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