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Urmila Mittal Trus’t scholarships to 75 girl students of AMU

Aligarh: Shrimati Urmila Mittal Trust has honoured 75 girl students of AMU with its scholarships at a function held at Zakir Husain Engineering College’s Conference Hall on 29 November when Mrs. Urmila Mittal’s husband, C. D. Mittal, Chairman of this Trust and an alumnus of AMU presented these scholarships to these girls. Speaking on this occasion he (CD Mittal) said that it is his effort and wish that a part of his wealth, which God has given him, may be spent for the education of girls and in this way equal rights can be given to them in society. He said that he learnt this feeling (of empowering women through education and giving them a respectable position in society) from his mother who used to say that after achieving success in life he must do something for helping the poor and backward class of people. He also said that by doing some good and beneficial work for (AMU) girl students he is trying to repay his ‘debt’ to his alma mater because what he is today is because of this educational institution. He advised the recipients of the scholarships to brighten their future through education and by building a good society, help and cooperate in the progress of the country. Praising Vice Chancellor Zamiruddin Shah he said that the way he is trying to promote education in this university is a good example for other people. VC Zamiruddin Shah said while speaking on this occasion that Urmila Trust has also assured that educational needs and expenses of girl students who are or will be selected for medical and engineering courses will also be met by this Trust. Girl students who received the scholarships while thanking CD Mittal said that the amounts of scholarships received by them, in addition to fulfilling their dreams, will also reduce the financial burden of their parents. It may be stated that as scholarships under Urmila Trust, these girl students get and will get Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3000 every month.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 December 2016 on page no. 15

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