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Govt claim of controlling black money doubtful: JIH

New Delhi: Jamaat-e Islami, expressing doubt over government’s objectives and reasons behind suddenly demonetising Rs. 500 and RS. 1000 curency notes and issuance of new notes, said in a press release on 12 November that only time will tell how much and to what extent it will affect black money but the confusion and uncertainty created extreme difficulties that people in general are facing is very disturbing and a matter of great worry. Jamat-e Islami expresses its doubts on the claim of government that this step will be successful and will help in controlling corruption and elimination of black money. Jamate Islami’s general secretary Muhammad Saleem Engineer said here in a statement that we have hesitation in believing that with this step of government black money can be checked. Expressing his surprise over this step, he asked that if government's objective was to put an end to black money, why it decided to issue Rs. 2000 notes? He said that if government believes that black money has been stashed in sacks and it has been stored, it is a funny supposition. He emphasised the point that huge amounts in the form of black money are kept and deposited in Swiss banks and in order to make them legal, these are being changed into precious metal and invested in real estates. He asked why the government has not so far taken any action against those people who have stolen funds and purchased properties in some one else’s name? He said that this is only political jugglery and this policy has been adopted in view of elections only because of which common man, particularly the middle class people have been badly hit. He said that people belonging to backward classes have no bank accounts and this sudden decision has shaken peasantry and labour class people. Describing it as a fatal decision he said that markets will suffer irreparable losses and negative effects are being cast on the country’s economy. Pointing out an important thing he said that people who pay taxes honestly have also been affected by this decision and house wives who set apart some amounts for rainy days or emergency are being deprived of their legal amounts by the government. He said that government's decision to impose fine on amounts of more than Rs. 2.5 lakh, which is their hard earned money, tantamounts to depriving them of their rightful amounts. He demanded the governemnt to issue a white paper on this whole issue and take immediate possible steps to remove people’s difficulties. He also said that we do not in any way support government’s step of issuing new currency notes of Rs. 2000.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 December 2016 on page no. 15

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