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Muslim PL Board’s signature campaign misleading: Muslim women

Lucknow: President of All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board Mrs. Shaistah Amber while describing the signature campaign sponsored by All India Muslim P. L. Board as an attempt to mislead women said that it would have been better if, in the documents being used in this campaign, it would have been stated that efforts for solution or settlement of the dispute or problem of talaq will be made only in accordance with the directions and provisions made in the Qur’an. She said that the signature campaign being undertaken by AIMPL Board in response to Law Commission’s questionnaire is, in fact, not for ensuring the rights of women but for misleading them. She reiterated that if the MPL Board would have started this (signature) campaign by clearly stating that it does not favour triple talaq in one sitting and that it accepts, or will accept the directions and procedures described in the Holy Qur’an and that the person who does so (triple talaq in one sitting) will be punished, it would have been better. She said that instead of the laws made or devised by Ulama, Muslim women want that the problems of talaq, khula’ and halala be dealt with or solved on the basis of procedure laid down in the Qur’an. This will in no way affect and distort the true spirit of Muslim Personal Law.

She however described the affidavit filed by Modi government regarding triple talaq in Supreme Court as vote bank politics and with the intention of creating confusion, tension, uncertainty and disunity in society particularly among Muslims, adding that on this pretext government is trying to introduce uniform civil code in the country. She said that in this respect i.e. opposition to UCC she and her Board are firmly in support of MPL Board’s stand.

She also said that in large number of cases Muslim women are not getting justice from Darul Qazas and many Muslim women are victims of one-sided verdict. In such cases they have no alternative but to go to civil courts and when they do so, courts verdicts are described as interference in Muslim personal laws. Under such circumstances MPL Board should understand the helplessness of Muslim women and review the sharia laws in the light of ways and procedures described in different verses of Qur’an. She said that Muslim Women PL Board wants to get rid of triple talaq and also punishments may be prescribed for those who marry second or third time without getting permission from existing wife / wives. Women also should get full freedom for obtaining khula’ and no handicaps should be placed on it. Further, she said that MPL Board should make arrangements for a Baitul Maal for the upbringing of divorced women so that such women may not have to wander from door to door for their livelihood.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 December 2016 on page no. 15

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