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UK-based Group Condemns Bombay High Court justifying Anti-Muslim hate Murder

UK-based South Asia Solidarity Group Condemns the Bombay High Court Judgment Which 'Justifies a Cold-Blooded Communal Murder’

London (20 January 2017): South Asia Solidarity Group (SASG) has expressed its deep concern about, and utter condemnation of the judgment by Bombay High Court that ‘appears to justify the murder of an innocent man committed as a result of communal hatred. Shockingly it suggests that a person’s religion can be treated as a provocation.’

‘There can be hardly any doubt that this judgment serves to exonerate the killers of an innocent young Muslim man, Mohsin Sadiq Shaikh. It also provides a legal precedent which  Hindutva fanatics can use in the future to  justify killing Muslims and other minorities with total  impunity', SASG spokesperson,  Amrit Wilson, said in a statement issued today.

Ms Wilson also said, ‘The institutions of the Armed Forces and the Judiciary which are expected to be impartial in a democracy stand exposed. The army's links with Hindutva terror and the fact that retired army officers are joining the Hindutva brigade is well-known. Now the Bombay High Court’s judgment has unmasked the reality that some of the Courts too have been vitiated and corrupted by Hindutva ideology. This is particularly shameful since the Modi government continues to boast that India is the world's largest democracy ’

Amrit Wilson added, ‘This also suggests the reasons for the tension between Supreme Court and the Central Government. Behind the seemingly administrative delays is the sinister process of installing Hindutva judges in the apex court as well so that innocent people who have been wronged in the lower courts are left with no legal remedy.’

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