Brahminist forces control IB: Ex-IGP Maharashtra

New Delhi: The Milli Gazette and Pharos Media jointly organized a discussion entitled "Terrorism in India" and release of a book called "Who Killed Karkare?" on 22 September at Deputy Speakers' Hall, Constitution Club. Various aspects of terrorism in India, in general, and the so-called "Islamic terrorism," in particular, were discussed during the symposium. Four editions of this book in English, Hindi, Urdu and Gujarati were released during the symposium. The book has also been translated into Malyalam, Kannada and Tamil languages.

L to R: Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, Aziz Burney, Ghulam Muhammad, SM Mushrif, Syed Shahabuddin, Suresh Khairnar, Feroze Mithiborwala, Subhash Gatade

Speaking on this occasion SM Mushrif, former inspector general police (IGP) Maharashtra, and author of Who Killed Karkare, gave an overview of different chapters of the book. He said that Brahminist forces have strong hold on Indian investigative agencies, including the Intelligence Bureau (IB).

He said that when this group came to know that Hemant Karkare, Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) chief was going to bring the truth of the close association of the Brahmanist forces and its involvement in Nanded and Maligaon blasts to the fore, they got him killed in the 26 November 2008 Mumbai terror attack.

He said that Brahminists organizations like Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Vishwa hindu parishad, Banrang Dal, and Abhinav Bharat, have full control over the media and IB. They use Brahmins to ignite communal violence in India, and this tactic works like a 'magic,' he added. These organizations impart terrorist training to youths of the country to carry out different explosions and riotings.

Attacking on media the former IGP said that the media supports the IB and that without any clarification, it associates Muslim youths with different terror outfits and brand them terrorists.

Unveiling the truth, he said: "In the capacity of a police officer, I know the investigation pattern of the police and IB. The investigation pattern is predecided, and whenever an attack takes place, the police and IB release detailed reports without any proper investigation and arrest innocent youths of a particular community and brand them terrorists." He further said: "After any terror incident, the IB picks up Muslim youths, puts them in illegal detention centers, records their statements as per its wish by brutally torturing them, and gets their call records by making fake phone calls." "When Nanded blast was being investigated, the Maharashtra ATS chief was replaced with Karkare and everyone in the Brahminist group was thinking that the investigation would be conducted on the previous pattern, but contrary to their imaginations, Karkare started investigation the case in his own impartial way and arrested Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, Colonel Purohit and seized two laptops. Documents in the laptops exposed that these Hindutva forces were planning to establish Aryavarta Hindu Rashtra, in which there was no place for democracy. They wanted to establish monarchy in the Hindu Rashtra," Mushrif daringly said.

He said that the laptops revealed several hidden plans. Recording of all seminars and meetings held were in the laptops. The ex-IPS said that all records of explosion in Samjhauta Express were saved in the laptops, and Karkare exposed that the blast was brainchild of these Hindutva forces.

Giving reasons for Karkare's killing, he said that there were immense political pressure on Karkare to withdraw himself from the probe, but he refused to do so and therefore he was killed.

Mushrif said that the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) had informed the IB that Lashka-e-Taiyiba (LeT) operatives are approaching toward India through sea routes. The IB should have informed the Maharashtra Police about this input, but this was not done. He said that the IB informed Brahminist forces about this, and taking advantage of this situation, they managed to get Karkare killed.

Talking about terrorism in India, Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, editor, The Milli Gazette, shed light on Hindutva terror. In addition, he denied the presence of Islamic terrorism in the country but accepted that there is something called home-grown terrorism and that demolition of Babri Mosque, 1992 Mumbai communal riots etc are some of its reasons.

Raising an important point, which Mushrif did not mention in his lecture, Subhash Gatade, noted writer and human rights activist, said: "How come it became possible that the RSS, which does not even believe in Indian constitution, came so close to intelligence agencies, including IB. This is also an important issue, which we should raise."

Addressing the gathering, former bureaucrat & MP, Syed Shahabuddin explained terrorism in detail. Thanking Mushrif for his revelation about the IB in his book, he urged him to write an exclusive book on the functioning of the agency. Aziz Burney, editor, Rashtriya Sahara; Suresh Khairnar, noted social and human rights activist; Feroze Mithiborwala, convenor, Awami Bharat, Mumbai; Ghulam Mohamed, editor, Vaigrai Veligham, Chennai, also spoke on the occasion. One important thing that this correspondent noted there that in addition to the symposium, there was another programme in another part of the Deputy Speaker's Hall of Constitution Club on Kashmir issue, in which Arun Jaitley, leader of opposition, Rajya Sabha (upper house), was expressing BJP's national leadership stand after all party's delegation's visit to Kashmir on the recent Kashmir unrest. Jaitley himself was the part of that delegation. There was an army of media representatives there to report the program, but despite invitation and two copies of the book, Hindi and English versions of the book, to almost all mainstream media, none of them either sent their representatives to cover the symposium nor reviewed the book, except some Urdu and Hindi media outlets. This clearly shows how the media willfully ignored an issue like terrorism the whole country is confronting these days and how they ignores issues related to Muslims.

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