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E. Ahamed’s daughter and son-in-law cry out for justice


The medically qualified members of the late E. Ahamed's family have issued a blow-by blow account questioning the RML Hospital doctors’ claims on the night of his death.

E. Ahamed’s daughter, Dr. Fouzia Shersad, and her husband, Dr. Babu Shersad, found everything amiss in every step that the hospital doctors adopted on that fateful night.

A detailed statement issued by the family challenges each step taken by the RML doctors.

Here is the full text of the statement. 

This is a statement from the family of the late E. Ahamed about the events that took place in RML Hospital. We do not want to answer any questions, instead we have some questions that we would like answered:

At 8:30 p.m. Dr. Fouzia Shersad and Dr. Babu Shersad (the daughter and son-in-law) arrived at RML hospital from Dubai. The doctor who received them, did not give complete information except that he is very critical. The doctor did not introduce himself and only later we discovered that he was a postgraduate student (resident). When we requested to see our father, he said that a senior doctor would come soon and then take us to see him. No senior doctor arrived for several hours.

Why were only junior doctors available for a highly critical patient over such a long period of time? Was RML Hospital really providing him with the best possible care?
Another time a junior doctor told us that he had “instructions from the top,” that no one can be allowed into the Trauma ICU.

Who ha​d given him these instructions?
Another time, he said it was the hospital protocol. After many hours of pleading, when we asked them to show the protocol document, they said that they have no written protocol document.

Where was the hospital protocol document that must be available at every Intensive Care Unit?
At 9:30 p.m., when the second son, Nazir Ahmed, arrived, and at 11:30 p.m., when the eldest son, Rayees Ahmed, arrived, they were both stopped from entering. They were told that they can see him in the corridor as he was going to be moved for a “procedure”. At around midnight, we discovered a cardiothoracic surgeon had arrived to perform the procedure. When we asked what it was, we were told he was going to perform ECMO. It was shocking to know that they had decided to do ECMO without discussing this with the children who were readily available.

Why was the family not consulted before taking a decision on such a long-term intervention procedure? When his children who were qualified doctors were available, why were they not informed?
Upon hearing that an ECMO was about to take place, Dr. Babu Shersad asked if they had performed tests on brain stem function, to which the answer was shockingly “NO”.

This was shocking because ECMO is a long-term procedure which was not clinically indicated at this stage.

Why was the decision made to proceed with ECMO without testing for brain stem function?

By 12 midnight, they informed us that they would shortly perform a brain stem test. Only by 2 a.m., were we informed that he did not display brain stem function.

How long does a brain stem test take? Why was there such a long delay?

Later we discovered that a chest compression device, called an AutoPulse was being used. He had been on AutoPulse from 2 p.m. to at least 1 a.m.

Why was the chest compression device (AutoPulse) used for 12 hours on our 78-year-old father? Is this why there was a disfiguring level of bloating (subcutaneous emphysema) seen on his body?

Finally at 2 a.m., the cardiothoracic surgeon and neurologist called us inside after a lot of protest. The neurologist told us that brain stem function was not present which means he had no brain function. As he was on AutoPulse until that time, he had no cardiac function. He was on a ventilator receiving full oxygen and still had no blood oxygen saturation, meaning he had no lung function. This means that he was already clinically dead, and there was no further need for another medical procedure.

If his brain, his heart and his lung were not functioning, why were they going to put him on ECMO?

When he was taken in after his collapse, we as a family put our complete trust and faith in RML Hospital to give him the best treatment.

Have you misused our trust?

During his entire life our father, E. Ahamed Sahib, had spoken out and stood against injustice. On that day — from 11:30 a.m. to 2:15 a.m., his voice was silenced. We are traumatized by what he had been subjected to. There has been an absolute disregard to human dignity by RML Hospital. Today we speak to give him voice, and say that no father, no human being should be subjected to this unacceptable and unethical treatment by any hospital.


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