Hindu India: a complexed polity in the making

The unprecedented BJP victory and Adityanath becoming CM has triggered different reactions in different sections. Staunch Hindus feel that they are going to see the fulfilment of the Hindu-Rashtra dream; for the secular Hindu it’s a worry that the constitution are secularism are in danger. A third concern is for Muslims: whether their choice for opting for secular India was correct.

In 1947, the Muslims who opted for India because of their respect for the “ganga jamuni” tehzeeb they had nurtured on this land for the past 1000 years or so. The “Hindustan” they had dreamt of is very different from what is the present day Hindu-Stan! [Advertisement link for Books from India Visit }

Today’s RSS-ideology following Hindutva is different from those who follow the Nehru and Gandhi Hindu philosophy.

I feel the RSS’s Hindutva concept is filled with a complex and it’s very hard to fight it. An example being when in 1960s, when I had gone to Australia as the all India students union head, it was too difficult to find any Indian anywhere. When my trip was advertised then people started to come from different areas because it was a big deal that some Indian had come there to visit.

Today after 50 years if you go in any country, you will find Indians working in top positions everywhere and in every stream. Indians have proved their mettle repeatedly in these past decades.

While we should feel proud that we have carved a niche for our country all over, our PM is of the opinion that before 2014 we didn’t know anyone and didn’t do anything.

The IITs, AIIMS, Atomic energy centres and agricultural institutes were all established before 2014.

They reject this development but at the same time try to date back rockets/”udhan khatolas” thousands of back in the distant past. They also claim that Lord Ganesha was a result of plastic surgery invention.

We are now changing history books for our kids: the lie that Akbar lost to Maharana Pratap at Haldighati is to be the main event in history textbooks with, I guess, the aim to show that basically the latter was far greater a ruler than the Great Mughal. In Rajasthan, girls are being taught about ladies to get inspired from and barring one Kalpana Chawla, they’re all mythological characters. How will we fight this inferiority complex?

The Hindu religion, which I had understood all these years, was one that had a lot of adjustability and universal approach. It was not how it’s being preached today.

This is a new type of religion being spread today on feelings of hatred based on concocted history. It takes refuge in its majority and todays Sanghi Hindu is trying to make himself look superior by running down others.

If Salman Rushdie writes against Muslims, he is applauded because it hurts the sentiments of Muslims. One Pakistani-origin crazy man Tarek Fateh is called daily on TV shows to abuse the Indian Muslim for cheap thrills.

Every religion has evolved and has its own controversial views and issues. After all Hindu women have faced Sati to dowry to agni pariksha. They’ve even been put as bets in the past. This is never mentioned but months of discussion on triple talaq gives them pleasure.

Best is that Arnab Goswami launches a new channel and calls me for his first-ever debate (which I obviously denied since his shows are his own interpretation of the news) and no prizes for guessing the topic: Triple Talaq! That’s the only topic that deserves attention not the absurdities that we are facing daily. May be because these days media doesn’t have the spine to stand up to injustice.

This is a new Hindu mazhab. This was not our history!  Till date I haven’t been able to realize why this hatred for us, the minorities!

We didn’t take your jobs. We didn’t take your fields. We are not ahead in any stream! Then why this bitterness? Is it because Muslims take part in the electoral process? If so, in in this new “Hindusthan” they should be told to refrain from exercising their right to vote. After all BJP has not been fielding any Muslim candidate and yet gets such remarkable results which has already made it amply clear where we stand as a country. It’s definitely a sad day for the Muslims but I think it is even more stressful for my secular Hindus who don’t know what path to tread in the future.

One more issues against us can be that Muslims are increasing in numbers. If so, it’s not our fault alone. Lack of education and more hands to do menial labour does lead to more numbers in families. But frankly another reason is that if Dalit is not given equality then he can adopt Chritainity, Buddhism or Islam. So reform should be started within all religious communities as well rather than only pointing fingers.

I can say that the RSS is a Brahmanical organisation but it has tried making reforms. Sadly they’re simply taking refuge in hatred and the future of the whole country is in danger. If the reforms extend beyond minority bashing then there is hope and scope for improvement!

Lastly, I would like to reiterate that we should be proud that when others did lot of development, Indians were nowhere but in the last 70-80 years we have made our mark. This is a moment of pride, not complex.

The author is a former Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)

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