Withdraw army to stop excesses in Kashmir; RSS's concern for Muslim Women


For several minutes at a stretch I continued gazing at that photograph of Farooq Ahmad Dar tied to a military jeep, driven in that tied condition the entire day, across the various villages in the Kashmir Valley. It gets difficult to describe the emotions that hit… I couldn’t control the flow of tears as I kept imagining what a horrifying experience it must have been for that young man. If I were a documentary film maker or a publisher I would have captured his narrative which could be a documentation of what a hapless Kashmiri goes through, day after day.

Mind you, 26-year-old Farooq Ahmad Dar isn’t a terrorist. He isn’t even a stone-pelter, nor a word-pelter. On the contrary, he is what can be termed a ‘good citizen’. After all, that very morning he had spent queuing up outside the polling booth at Arizal’s Chill Bras area to cast his vote for the Lok Sabha by-polls for the Srinagar constituency. And after casting his vote, he took off on his motorcycle to his sister’s home as there had been a death in the family. And its then, whilst he was driving his motorcycle, he was not just stopped by the army personnel but pulled off from his bike and tied to their jeep and then what followed was nothing but horrifying. And though this young man kept telling them that he wasn’t a ‘terrorist’ but a shawl artisan and had just voted at booth number 90 of the Chill village and even showed them the indelible ink mark on his finger. But nothing could stop the brutality unleashed on him. It’s his luck that he wasn’t killed or blinded by the army personnel. With his pheran in tatters and bruises on his body he was finally let off from the Rashtriya Rifles camp after the village elders pleaded for his release.

With revolt peaking in the Valley, its time to re-think using the military boot to suppress human sentiments and emotions. Political dialogue should get started immediately because only a political solution will settle the mess that has been compounded by tortures, humiliations and brutalities unleashed on a hapless population on a daily basis.

Whilst keying in, I’m reminded of what the former DGP who had been earlier posted in the Punjab during that turbulent phase that the state had gone through, Kirpal Dhillon, told the audience this past winter during an interactive session at the World Book Fair …he said that the military is trained to attack and kill the enemy and so military should not be deployed in the Kashmir Valley. It is not for the military to be there!


Shocking to see the BJP-RSS concern for the Muslim women of the country. The way they are playing up the ‘triple talaq’ issue reeks of political agenda of the most dubious sort. Foremost, triple talaq is un-Quranic and with that un-Islamic, so it isn’t a religious issue but more along the social strains. If a community is going through severe crisis on every possible front then social ills are bound to creep in.

It’s a reality that the Muslim community in today’s political scenario is treated worse than the Dalits. Facts and figures prove that they are deprived on varying fronts. Compounding the mess, the Hindutva forces in governance are making sure that more Muslim men and young boys sit jobless and under threats of the worst sorts. Thousands of innocent Muslim men are languishing in jails and prisons of the country. Yes, I would call them innocent as they are dumped as undertrials, so technically innocent.

Won’t these worsening conditions have a trickledown effect on the social spheres? Of course, it will. All sorts of ills are bound to hit the very existence of this community.

The same set of the BJP rulers, who come up with concern for Muslim women, should go on a road show to Rajasthan and see to it that the murderers of Pehlu Khan are arrested and charged with murder! Till date all the accused are not arrested and there seems little political will to do so. After all, the BJP rulers will see to it that men from the varying Hindutva brigades who killed Pehlu Khan go scot free… And these same BJP rulers have done little to arrest rapists and kidnappers of Muslim women during the 2002 Gujarat pogrom and also during the Muzaffarnagar riots of 2013 and in the other riotous conditions where goons from the Hindutva brigades target the Muslim community.

On one hand, Hindutva rulers and the brigades under their direct control, kill and hound and rape, and then come up with these fake and dubious promises of a this or that!

Triple talaq is a social disaster and the Muslim community should reach out to the affected women. Halt these so-called divorces and also see to it that affected women and their children are given the due maintenance and shelter.

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Earlier it was singer Abhijeet who came up with communal comments and now it is Sonu Nigam’s turn. Both these men have one thing in common: fading and sinking singing careers and they use or rather misuse the social media to grab attention by all these ploys… In these dark and murky times its become fashionable for third-class sadists and perverts to attack the Muslims and Muslim community under any pretext! 

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