Yogi Adityanath being at the same time Chief Minister of U.P. and a Member of a Lok Sabha is illegal

'Yogi's continuance as Chief Minister and M.P. at the same time is illegal. He has to vacate one seat,' says Justice Rajindar Sachar (Retd.) in an article in Sunday Guardian

The mysterious rise of Yogi Adityanath as a centre of power contenders amongst B.J.P./RSS leaders seems to baffle the public. It is a wrong assessment that he has been installed at the instance of Modi / Amit Shah. They are too politically astute not to create another power centre against themselves.

Though Yogi was no doubt a Thakur ( bollywood perpetual tormentor of the weak, and ruthless in accomplishing his aim) – he was a Mahant for long time thus establishing easily his credential to Brahamanical family leadership of RSS. Yogi has proved this by openly announcing immediately his aim of Hindu Rashtra (against all sense of realism and which is a constitutional monstrosity) but is pleasing to Mohan Bhagwat and his coterie. 

A win in 2019 could throw Modi beyond challenge and simultaneously weakening of hold of RSS. Modi has succeeded in creating an illusion of development man who by his oratory conceals his total communal stance and anti Minorityism. But Yogi on the other hand flaunts Hindu fanaticism and that is why RSS is keen to keep him as an alternative. It is a clear signal by Bhagwat and his coterie to Modi that an alternative is being created to him, if he is too neglectful to RSS bosses.

However there is a serious legal challenge to the continuance of existing position of Yogi as a Chief Minister and Member of Parliament at the same time. This is a constitutional conundrum which ill befits a Chief Minister of biggest State in the country.

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