On French relief and Crucial times for Aam Aadmi Party


What a relief! The French have indeed signaled that all’s not over! The election of Emmanuel Macronhas actually relayed that sane and responsible governance will flourish in France. Lesser levels of discriminations and biases and hounding of the hapless will not be tolerated.

Macron’s win has inflicted a huge dent to the right-wing fascist politics on the international scene. In fact, till the French election results trickled in, there were fears that the right-winger Marine Le Pen could cash on her polarising tactics, with that there’d be that doomsday sort of scenario. Thankfully, the French chose to reject Le Pen’s fascist agenda. Instead, got to power the 39-year-old Macron and his socialist policies. With his background as a technocrat and a banker who has the rare distinction of being an assistant to the phenomenologist Paul Ricœur, Macron was the only candidate who could meet the populist wave spreading across Europe.

In fact, I loved this one-liner of the 39-year-old Macron – ‘I want to be the President of all the patriots against the threat of all the nationalists.’ Somewhere and somehow his words touched. Proved magical. He won! This when he had set up his political party, En Marche, just a year back.

Also, there’s more to Emmanuel Macron than his becoming the new French President. None of us have ever before come across such a fascinating romantic tale: Emmanuel Macron met his future wife Brigitte when he was barely 15 and in school. She was his drama teacher and 24 years his senior…in fact, her daughter was exactly Emmanuel’s age and shared a classroom with the schoolmate who would one day become her stepfather. Love took off between Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte when he was playing the lead role in a Milan Kundera play and the pupil-teacher spent hours together. They’d not just met regularly but spent hours and hours talking over the telephone. It was an intensely passionate love affair that went on for years. In 2007, Brigitte obtained a divorce from Andre Louis Auziere, her banker husband (and father of their three children) and married Macron…to live happily thereafter!

In fact, this brings me to write that if a man can be so very faithful and loyal to a woman who is 24 years senior to him then its almost guaranteed that he will be loyal and faithful to his nation’s interests and its people. So France is going to be in safe hands!

AAP aur Woh!

Compare France and its new political leadership with what’s been happening here, in our country. Here, lies and deceit and hypocrisy seems flourishing not just in the professional lives but also in the personal lives of the who’s who. Romance is supposedly the ‘dirty’ word here and that’s why the horde of fake yogis have set up anti-Romeo squads to throttle love and romance and emotions! All seems well pardoned and well sanctioned if the so-called ‘sleazy sex stuff’ is done on the sly!

Aren’t we becoming a third class lot! Total governmental control on what we eat or wear or do! And if a rebel tries to take things in his or her hands, he or she could be lynched. If not on any of the highways then definitely on the political circuit. Look what has been happening to Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP party. Those forewarnings took off right from the time AAP gave a humiliating defeat to the BJP in the Delhi elections. In the following months, BJP’s top brass had made life hell for the very survival of AAP MLAs and their very existence on the political scene. The office of the then L-G of Delhi, Najeeb Jung, was used to put in obstacles in the very functioning of the AAP government. Then came in more of those direct lethal attacks, with the arrests of AAP MLAs and their functionaries. Now, of course, the final blow to the very credibility of AAP by a major “corruption” charge against Arvind Kejriwal himself .

People who have known Kejriwal vouch for his personal honesty and rubbish these allegations which were bound to be heaped on him because he is one of those major political obstacles in the path of the right-wing here. In fact, Kejriwal is one of those politicians who has actually gone ahead and proved that EVMs can be hacked. And this in itself can be termed a worrying aspect to the very credibility of the mammoth win of the BJP in the recently held elections in Uttar Pradesh. True, the EVM hacking issue was raised by several politicians in the Samajwadi, BSP and Congress but none of them could prove that this could actually happen - that is, EVMs getting hacked.

This EVM hacking issue was highlighting in the Delhi Assembly just last Tuesday. Yet to pick up. But if and when it gains momentum, it could prove to be one of those political issues that could dent the political careers of many in the BJP- RSS.

Yes, Kejriwal is that one rebel politician who is making life hell for BJPs master planners and strategists. This summer could be one of those turning points for AAP. Either it survives or else it demolishes the very survival of others! One just hope and wishes that with all this ongoing political warfare, Kejriwal’s blood sugar levels don’t get affected. He is severely diabetic and this stress could affect his health and with that the very health of AAP.

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